Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FMCG - Fantastic, Major Coverage Give

FMCG, for those who don't know, actually stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Basically the stuff on the supermarket shelves that doesn't hang around there too long for various reasons, ranging from the fact that 'they're just sooo darn good' to a slight expiry-exceedance scenario (beyond use/sell/...or in the case of Innocent, who we at think are fabbo... 'enjoy by' date. Well, I certainly can't fault those nice folks at FMCG magazine, especially Editor Cat Deans, for living up to the F-word. 'Fast', that is. Having met only recently at a show, in their June edition they have given us a nice full page's worth of coverage. So let us hope that those brands who are their audience pick up on the message, and respond by getting their product data (and ideas for 2nd use) on before their competitors do!
FMCG Magazine