Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Team.. er.. Work

Or... jobs for the boys & girls?

Just got this press release:

Office of the Third Sector appoints four Deputy Directors to spearhead new team structure

The Deputy Directors will each lead a new team, created as part of the recently announced OTS restructuring and coming into effect on June 4, and play a pivotal role in the leading and implementing the Government's approach to the third sector.

The range of skills and experience of the new appointees, encompassing considerable achievement in both public and third sectors, will help the OTS strengthen levels of understanding and partnership between the third sector and every level of government.

Now, while I am all for strengthen levels of understanding, and positively over the moon about the possibility of partnership (well, still waiting for any yet, but I'm sure it's coming), and accepting this is an exciting new sector to 'engage' with, but I do have to wonder what four new DDs and 'teams' adds up to in terms of service delivery and ROI to the taxpayer.

Just asking.

Those who report on the rich and famous are different to you and I...

... they evidently have no shame:

Indy - Her Majesty's parliamentary press corps are hopping mad. For years
they have had the privilege of parking their cars for free in the
Mall but there has now been a crackdown. Hacks will now have to fork
out 2,200 pounds a year for parking on the Mall, which is set to make
for an interesting set of expenses over the coming months.

Why, pray, do they need a car in the first place?

'No flies on us' zone

Nothing like a good bit of in-depth, critical repor... printing of a press release:

Global travel firms unite in climate-change drive

I look forward very much to the arrival of any bio-fuel that is 'carbon free', as I rather suspect that some may still be involved.

However, in the great trading scheme of things, if we are on a possible window measured in decades, it may be wise, no matter how unpalatable to the current lifestyle expectations of the richer nations and their populations, to also look at the possibility of a little less gadding about in the first place. That way we don't have to knock down forests to make the stuff and burn it in the first place.

Pretty please:)

You scratch my back?

A curiously uneditorialised press release being reprinted here, all the more odd as it is from a rival paper group:

Murdoch: I'm proud to be green

Just one quick question; one of many this piece raised in my mind. As they obviously exist, but given that my 1/2sqm solar suitcase promises 13W on a good day, how exactly do these work?: '...practical measures include solar-powered golf carts to carry people round..'