Saturday, May 06, 2006


A big weekend ahead, preparing for Internet World and my seminar
talk. Again it's a big 'thank heavens' for friends in London kindly
putting me up (and up with me) to spare us the additional cots of
accommodation. It's also going to be the first time I've gone on my
own, so setting up will be... fun. Actually it's more the getting to
& from the car, as I can't be at both ends at the same time to guard
stuff. Plus I hope it doesn't rain

Anyway, I do tend to up quite early, and am well timed to greet the
dawn. This morning it was rather nice, so I popped off a picture.

No great work of art, but one thing did strike me; even in this rural
idyll, a large chunk of the airspace was already occupied by the hard
lines of new and whispy remnants of old contrails.

And I imagine its a scene repeated over pretty much every square mile
of sky around the globe.