Saturday, July 26, 2008

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I like maps

The Pollution Map of Beijing

I think we need one of these for everywhere.

You know where you are... and who has put you in the position you are in... there.

Air cons

When I lived in Singapore I actually found the temperature/humidity bearable enough without aircon, simply by using fans at home.

It was actually then more on the quality of air than environment or economy that drove me.

But I fully accepted that it was a pretty nifty, and necessary thing to have.

But having come from Hong Kong before, looking around even then I joked it might be better all round to simply stick a big bubble over the whole country and just stick one big AC unit on top.

Something I was reminded of looking at this: Photography competition: Summer in Singapore - bear in mind that every day is 'Summer in Singapore' - 25 to 32 degrees, with the possibility of showers in the afternoon (or two months of epic storms which, oddly, the drains seem to handle easily - Enviro Agency please note).

Stress fractures showing...

I'll stick this under Junkk Male RE:view as it does have a bearing on environment.

I am watching a story about the lucky escape with the Qantas long haul flight. Amazing footage, especially the calm demeanour of crew and passengers.

The point has been made that the airline has never lost a passenger. Such stats matter, I know, as I was once the Account Director for Singapore Airlines. There were big fights over 'world's youngest fleet' and other measures. It's all a tricky balance on safety. In fact number of ups and downs are pretty stressful on the airframe too, so shorthaul can work out more of a problem even with 'younger' stock. But corrosion factors through age are significant.

As in this case. I am frankly gobsmacked how mildly so far the news has been noted that this plane had been flagged by engineers as a concern, and some plastic surgery deemed worthy of merely keeping fingers crossed.

If an airline such as Qantas can be so cavalier with such a valuable asset in their brand reputation, is this a worrying indication of the wafer-thin margins the industry is operating under to stay in business?

Are we to see an airborne repeat of Mr. Nader's expose of the car industry beancounters' calculations on the value of inanimate costs vs. lives.


Indy - Qantas chief denies holed jumbo was a 'rust bucket' - Does aluminium rust?

The value of protest

Worth a read for the justification... and the replies (in the Guardian).

The sticky issue of climate change

An interesting insight into the causes, and effects.

Actually, having read his (rather long) manifesto, I have some sympathy.

I am also intrigued that in this day and age that such an assault (actually battery) on a major public figure is possible. I seem to recall in an early '24' the President character was attacked via hand borne nasties.