Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Greenhouse gas update

All this greenhouse gas argument; is it all a load of hot air?

Well, not according to this from NatureNews, which indicates that levels of greenhouse gases are continuing to rise, and are doing so in line with the IPCC's oft maligned forecasts.

And from the same source, an article on how Methane is released from areas of tundra even after the start of the winter re-freeze.

OK, we simply do not know what the future impacts might be, but does anyone else, like me, find such facts and figures rather disturbing?

Yet another species extinction....

....appears to have occurred. This time the Australian white lemuroid possum. Full story from the Telegraph.

Now (as I sit and freeze in my under-insulated office, with snow lying on the ground outside and a minimum of -4.5C last night) whether you believe in anthropogenic caused [or enhanced] global warming or not, it is clear that something is happening to our little lump of rock, and it don't seem to be too good.

Zero-carbon homes

These don't appear to be doing too well at the moment according to this from EDIE.

Just 15 new homes that meet the Gov's definition of zero-carbon have been built in the last 12 months, despite the backing of £15 Million of taxpayers money.

Hmmm, perhaps they need to think about redefining just what zero-carbon actually means?

Meanwhile, there are those (see this piece from who think that total decarbonisation is the only possible way forward. Sounds rather overtly radical to me, but what do I know?