Saturday, May 27, 2006

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"

It would be hard not to smile at that call to arms aginst minor adversity. And be inspired by its simple, homely truth.
I have just had the following, from the MAD* show:
The Mad* Show
It is with great regret that we have to announce that the conference and exhibition scheduled to be held at Earls Court has now been cancelled.

Whilst considerable expenditure has been made in marketing the event, the take up of tickets and sponsorship has rendered the event totally unviable. Accordingly we have taken professional advice and have been advised that we should take steps to liquidate the company.

The company does not have sufficient funds to place the company into creditors’ voluntary liquidation and therefore we, as directors, have placed Field Seymour Parkes (Solicitors) in funds, to issue a petition to wind up the company. We would expect the petition to be heard in 6-8 weeks and clearly it will not be opposed.

The directors repeat their sadness at having to take this action as substantial funds have been invested into the company. Thank you to everybody who has supported us throughout the project and we hope that the little we have done could one day *make a difference.

The Directors of The Mad* Group Ltd
It is no longer postponed; it is gone, with the hopes (but, hopefully, nothing else) of many who were seeking to take part with it. The organisers have put a lot in, and lost a great deal. So, sadly, have we. After the disappointment that was the Ideal Home Show's 'Green' themed - Not - event, this was one we were looking forward to to bring our message to a wider, and more empathetic audience. Plus of course the media. I was to be a speaker, and in heavyweight company, so there was a chance to have our reuse message noted and reported.
Again, it was not to be. But exists, and has been designed to evolve no matter what. Its core structures are easily maintained and the skeletons on which the data, ideas and information can be added by the public, business and authorities firmly in place an awaiting any and all contributions.
Time to make lemonade, people! Or, as it turns out, kill weeds (though it's looking like vinegar is better).