Monday, November 20, 2006

Green Is The Colour. Misinformation Is The Game.

On balance, I think this Enviro Mental deserves it's own post link about the great Ken enviro scam.

Mind you, the author has pretty much has lifted it all from my previous notions, but there are a few extra kinks I neglected to share. Such as:

"As an issue, that's between him and anybody who voted for him, but don't for a moment believe the claims that there's any genuine environmental justification for the charge.
How so? Well you need look no further than the back of the nearest fume-belching black cab for your answer. These supposed paragons of environmental virtue actually produce 233 g/km of CO2 when fitted with the five-speed automatic gearbox that every taxi driver worth his salt opts for. Which is - ta da! - 7 g/km inside the 226 g/km and upwards band "G" that Ken is declaring open season on. Yet, unbelievably, taxis are exempt from paying any congestion charge at all, despite covering more miles in central London than anything else and spending approximately half their time running empty.
And that's just taxis. A recent study that suggested the vast majority of low-level air pollution in British cities is caused by buses, trucks and delivery vans."

At least the lunch bit is accurate:)

OK, I'm in a snit.

Every week they have something like this:


It's 10.45 on Friday morning - I'm sitting in an edit suite with editor Dave putting together this week’s Lunch Lesson on running a business ethically. I've been talking to the Institute of Business Ethics - they say the key goals are tolerance, fairness, openness and responsibility – which maybe sounds more like a lifestyle choice than a business plan. But as people become more aware of their environment, both geographically and in terms of the people around them, I think it's inevitable that our attitudes as consumers will start to reflect our feelings as individuals, taking responsibility for the kind of world we want to live in.

Your emails and letters really do help set our agenda, so please keep them coming in.


To get in touch on any of the following subjects, please click here…

We are planning to send Rob to Lancashire and Northamptonshire sometime soon. Do you know of an interesting business he could visit?

And send us your mobile phone questions for our expert in Consuming Issues on Friday’s programme.

And I used to pitch. But never even get a reply.

I make one small tart comment and the boys get emailed round. Sheesh.

I'm saying nothing*

*Other than I hope Scott A will forgive me posting this. Please sign up for his daily series. It will make your day better.

Nice type, shame about the face.

Ok, that title needs work. I just wanted to share this ad, which had what I thought was a nifty headline pun (at least I haven't seen it before), but was let down a tad by the visual.

If I were selling the notion of saving this green and pleasant land, I'm not sure I'd use a red/yellow/orange sunblasted methane hellhole (I know it's a lot further away and is probably colder, but you get my drift) to illustrate it.