Thursday, January 05, 2006

Every little bit helps

Something topical as we approach 12th night.

Last night a TV commercial from Tesco caught my eye. At first it
seemed like a 'do the right thing' ra-ra bit of greenwashing with
some stats about the environmental costs of Christmas cards and how
they (Tesco) are doing their bit for trees and stuff. So far, so...

I still have my doubts as to how powerful an incentive there is for
anyone to remember to stick the cards in the bag to drop off on their
next supermarket visit. However, it is Friday, which means good
timing for the weekend shopping, and it is most certainly pushing my
BTN (better than nothing) button.

But the bit that did catch my eye was at the end. Not sure if I
caught it properly, but this was where they seemed to be saying that
the cards collected were turned into budget toilet tissue.

In addition to liking the fact that there is clear evidence of
provenance at work (just collecting cards separately to throw in a
paper skip doesn't make much sense when I can just drop them in my
kerbside recycling collection bin to do the same thing without a trip
to the shops), it also suggest a clear incentive opportunity surely?
Bring in Xkg/some number/any cards, and get a money off coupon for
the very toilet tissue you are going towards producing.

That to me is linking the environment, the manufacturer, the retailer
and the consumer together in a mutually win-win scenario that makes
no demands on the public purse.

Re:wards 4 re:use. How very...