Sunday, May 28, 2006

This, I like - money in the bank. Staying there.

I'm not big on banks. They tend in my mind, and experience, to err on the far, bad end of 'necessary evil'. we're still smarting over being told there would be no start-up charges when we set-up our first, then finding there were, and that they had been taken without our being told to push us into unauthorised O/D, which then incurred a penalty! Plus I have yet to have any bank marketing dept. respond positively to our suggestion that while going 'carbon neutral' is dead spiffy and all, it is hardly PR we feel like covering, but would be interested if they launched something like a loan to help promote good e-practice (like a reduced rate on solar), like the car insurers have for hybrids.

Anyway, I must say that, although it has little to do with the environment (though a lot to do with waste), as a personal customer I do like the look of this Barclays banks on anti-virus deal, especially as, amazingly...  it's free! For once a win-win.