Thursday, September 17, 2009

PROF'S POSER - Stone cold

Here's one for the thermodynamicists.

And/or anyone in one of the UK's many older homes, where certain insulation options are not exactly on the table. 3' thick stone walls and no gaps, for one.

After a not bad summer, with doors opened to the outside to air the place out, or opened to the conservatory to warm up the interior for most evenings, now we have hit September it's starting to get a wee bitty nippy.

Certainly for my Eastern blossom missus. And while her going around like a hood ornament for Dr. Zhivago is a fashion treat, the neighbours are talking.

My poser is (and a memory lurks that I might have done so before)... when is the right point at which to fire up the central heating?

Because one thing we have noticed, if empirically, is that if you leave it late and allow the cold to bite, the walls seem to keep it that way no matter what.

However, for good eco and plain money reasons, I don't want to be running the boiler until I have to.

COMPETITION - Offoo Laureate


WHEN: Deadline 31 December 2009
WHAT: Ooffoo Laureate Annual Writing Competition 2010
WHAT... MORE?: from the blurb: 'looking for an inspiring letter that you would write to a world leader or somebody of global or significant influence. The award will go to the person who is judged to have written the most impressive and inspiring letter - one that offers hope or encouragement and is aimed at helping to change things for the better. '
HOW MUCH: My favourite... FREE! For writing a letter!
COMMENTS: Tempted to enter myself, as an opinionated sod, but... as a pro writer, what if I end up last? Er... £1000 prize swings it.