Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meanwhile, on the perpetual motion front...

Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan

I can see that the car can be powered by energy from burning hydrogen generated by splitting water. Nifty.

What is not so clear from any text or video is what powers the 'energy generator' that produces the hydrogen to run the car.

It suspect that still may require some 'external input'.

Not that the reporter seemed concerned. Soon to be all round the MSM, equally uncritically, no doubt.


New topic.

This first post covers many other, related, issues...


BBC - Is the green movement part of the problem?

THE TWO E"s - On your wagon

Turning on to Nano-man

'Regularly these days we hear appeals from politicians... It's urgent, they say, and - this is the key message - it can be done, if everyone and every country does his/her/its bit.'

A very key comment. And one I find hard to rationalise with what issues forth from many politicians, and the media that carry their press releases.

The only appeals I have heard of late are to support the car industry, and often ones that would be hard-pressed to be called 'green'. In crowded urban centres as described above, I agree mass transit initiatives would seem a much 'better' commitment.

But here the latest wheeze I heard of was paying the likes of me £2k to ditch my old car and buy a new Jag (who makes those?). Or maybe an LDV van? Sadly (financially, if not environmentally, from manufacturing impact to running) , I opted for a second hand LPG.

I'd just love to square the whole reduced eco-impact vs. growing economy thing, but just can't. I don't think it can be, at least in the ways being currently attempted, and with such blatant fudging if not dishonesty from the establishment.

Guardian - India launches 'world's cheapest car' - Enjoy the other threads and comments. George Monbiot's is 'lively'. I liked one of his supporters' claims against a few eyebrow-crankers that he has a car 'because he needs one'. Ahhhh... that's where I have been going wrong with my finger-wa... oh... I don't do that.