Wednesday, August 13, 2008

These boots were made for walking around

They of course should have been my natural habitat from day one.

But somehow, for all the usual silly, untrue reasons... 'not enough time', etc... I have not been to one in an age.

Then, this weekend, the combination of a dead house and too early to disturb slumbering family, I donned my rucksack and pedalled off to our nearest one.

Awesome! A good few hundred stalls laid out in the cattle market. Yes, there were a few that erred on the tat (hey, they were selling, so the missus will be happy if I am inspired to purge ours... if not because it will be to make way for more Junkk), but there were some real finds at bargain prices.

I managed to get a 30cm vernier caliper and a micrometer to help with my Junkk data uploads.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to work them (I used to know, but with my eyesight the digital readout ones are a lot easier and I have gotten lazy).

If it works here...

Like most, I have a gas boiler (yes, I'll be nice, Mr. Putin). And outside is its vent.

Now, just I have never been able to figure out why all those pictures of oil rings and refineries had the stuff burning off without being used, I have often wondered why what seems (all due efficiencies inside) a lot of heat going out cannot be reused back in.

Now, one plan I had was to deflect it to waft over the car windscreen so in winter it is ice free.

Trouble is there a lot of vapour and well, it's also poisonous.

However, speaking of cars and exhausts, this looks interesting:

GM recycles exhaust into power

'Aving a bath Mother? Old up, I'll do a quick couple of blogs while you're running it'.

Me old bamboo..

Another possibly dodgy belief-set pricked:

They really need a 'stuff hierarchy', especially in the world of green, across all consumer categories.

In the world of textiles I had cotton just above whale foreskins down at the lower ends (excuse pun), but right up there at the top, along with hemp and Katherine Hammett bags I thought there was bamboo.

Pandering to the green consumer

Or... not.