Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's not natural

I just had to share this as the wording struck me as funny (even if the message isn't): Green Party Speaker to appear opposite man-made climate change denier Johnny Ball.

Green Party Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall will this Sunday appear
opposite man-made climate change denier Johnny Ball, of children's TV
fame, on Sky News at 11.20 AM.

Anthropomorphic Man!

Sorry, it's the weekend, it's early and I needed a laugh.

I am not a plastic bag.

Or... just another over-hyped, negative enviROI, truly insane way to make even more useless rubbish on the back of a bunch of faddish green sheep and their trendy magazine cheerleaders. Or this, the real thing: Make Plastic Bag Yarn

Then you can make it into fleeces to offer customers who need to keep warm outside the pub instead of using patio heaters!

Bears thinking about

And that's not all they do in the woods. Along with many other furry friends of a more domestic nature: The Pet Economy

You know those Clarks shoes we had when we were kids. The ones with the footprints?

I wonder what the carbon version of a Tibby or Rover is?

See how that one plays with the HuggyLuvvies.