Friday, September 19, 2008

You'll wonder where the yellow went

Well, strike one for planet... and pocket.

For a while now we have had a policy of 'When it's yellow, let it mellow' when it comes to flushing practice.

The boys have been on baord, mainly because they usually forgot anyway and now they had an excuse. I just have becoem a bit more keen since we had the water meter installed.

She who must be obeyed was never keen.

Anyway, one warm day (and we haven't even had the heating on yet), a less used little boys room and an early return from work on Friday means that from now on we're back to 'once in the loo, pull the handle too, and not just for... well, you can guess the rest'.

Tricky, this green lark.

Numbers games

I debated a wee while before plumping for this blog to post upon.

It's nothing to do with enviro issues (well, a tad), but does go to reaching audiences.

Americans get the internet, and are British bloggers' best market

I just found the numbers interesting.

Not just the ones quoted (which is how they attract, and get paid by advertisers), but just a few observations of my own in complement.

I blog prodigioulsy here, but I also often get moved to comment elsewhere.

It just seemed intriguing to me that the author got/gets 65k weekly visitors, yet only 7 commented here for instance. Meanwhile over at the Guardian blog I posted a few days back on the Clean Technology 100, so far... zippy. OK, maybe my crass punt was a put off, but no one else reading felt like lobbing in a wee hello too?

All these folk lurking, with so little to say.

I just have to figure out how to seduce them over here... and then how to make a crust having doen so.