Friday, June 06, 2008

We are not alone

The Junkk notion on the causes and hence value of surveys gets expressed a lot.

As we can't think of a better way to express our views than these guys, we won't:

Greenbang - Survey: environment is simply a marketing tool

Nice to be in good company, mind


From in-built systems (or not) to add on plugs, the power electric and electronic devices draw down is a pretty significant aspect of our energy demand.

I've dabbled a bit to now, but in answering a question put together a reply that is worth kicking this of with:

While topical and important, it is surprising how little actual info there is.

There's what allows power to get as far as the box, and what the box
needs power for, and does with it, if and when it gets to it.

Most standby systems are just remote switches, doing no more than
cutting off the juice as you would simply by clicking off.

So in-box. there's keeping settings and there's updates.

These need some power reserve. Can't imagine it's a lot, so why it
could not be some temporary storage system I can't imagine.

This looks fun:

I also met a very interesting chap at the Sky Big Idea (he was the
people's choice winner) and Geneva Invention show, called Karl Dorn -

He had invented a plug that I recall allowed a trickle though,
which was enough to keep the clocks ticking. I also recall a Dragon's
Den where all five got excited about the same thing, though the IP was
in doubt - . The BBC
News was full of it when 'hot', but I guess dropped it. You'd have
thunk the researchers and the Dragon's might have checked a wee thing
like that before taking it to full national exposure, winning and PR

I guess it's down to money and consumer preference, as per usual.

For more info you could do worse than ask these guys: