Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's not what you're known for, but merely that you're known

What a week!

I am still staring at a pile of stuff to catch up on from the two week networking extravaganza, as there were a few pretty important deadlines to meet.

First up was the Green Awards entries. In the end I opted for three (at £50+VAT still quite a commitment): B2B DM and copywriting with the Folda Holda (and contents, which I had packed with pretty much everything I'd ever written fro; and B2C DM, which was the credit card wallet photo frame, which I stuck in the standee for good measure, even though there was nocollaterala/POS category. Fingers crossed.

Then there was the big one. The first draft entry for the Social Entrepreneur Awards. That was a lot of work. Fortunately most of the information they required was in our original and updated Business Plans (which got us the first grants), but trying to get a few hundred pages of heavy info and data to ten was...Interesting. Plus I had all sorts of fun with the Excel budget sheets. I thought I'd cracked it but then it started adding things up in Yen. At one stage I had lost a £trillion by year 3. Actually, the way it feels still, maybe I have.

I always dead Friday lat pmbecausese that was when, in the ad world, clientet would phone up with a 'small change'. And with it's usually a cock-up or setback gets announced and spoils the weekend.

Not this time.

I was called by a lovely lady from the BBC. She'd been told about us and was interested in a possible feature for a kids' show called the Wonderful World of Weird. Now after the whole Womble thing I'm wary of being typecast as a bit of a nutter, but profile is profile, so let's hope it comes to pass. At least between the awards and this there are a few bases being covered!