Tuesday, October 27, 2009

According to Plan?

Suitably 'inspired', I go off message...

Hey, what's the worst that could happen? They've ignored all my efforts at trying to engage thus far.

Marks & Spencer describes its journey from corporate social responsibility to sustainability

I'd like to think many brands/retailers are committing to environmentally sound initiatives and practices for more than pure bottom line as opposed to more laudable triple bottom line reasons. But the realities are few and far between.

Sadly, from personal experience, I have found too many managers (at least at mid, gatekeeper level) exist solely on what makes a margin. The talk from on high may be there, but the walkers lower down ain't hearing... or, frankly, being encouraged much.

And the retail world especially seems to make the Russian military look like a Woodstock reunion: the climate of fear at every level is palpable, from worrying about what might not make money to wondering if they guy above will get miffed at not having had a good idea.

The odd thing is that it IS possible to make green not just for the planet, but also your consumers AND yourselves.

Just stop thinking like buzz-word marketers and start empathising as human beings with shared values.

Marks & Spencer creates 'virtual patchwork quilt' for Copenhagen Climate Summit drive - Looking for tangibles... finding few. I imagine the presentation of the patch will attract a fair bit of PR come the day, mind.

Don't just DO it...

Actually... DO do it. At least... as well, if not first.

B&Q chief launches tirade against government Act on CO2 ad

He's bang on. They are only talking to a narrow demographic that a very narrow-minded bunch feel comfortable with. All urban 'Prius person' vs. the vast national majority spread that is 'Fiesta family'.

And it's insulting to figure the latter don't care about their kids' futures or have an interest in the various arguments still being had (despite what this ad claims, so the ASA verdict on the VO text will be 'interesting').

Plus I could suggest a ton better places for £6m to go that would "DO" a lot more good than yet another box-ticking awareness campaign from one of scores of over-lapping climate quangos.

Starting with a boiler scrappage scheme that will keep jobs in the UK AND reduce emissions!

Bye bye RE:Box, hello wheelie

A long time ago, in a land, well, right here, I helped with the creation of a kerbside scheme:

The RE:Box

Worked pretty well.

However, we are now at the end of an era (must remember to mark on the site pages).

Not to mention 20,000 blue plastic boxes (seems we get to keep them. Yeah, right. Other than me I can see everyone keeping a bunch of additional dirty, smelly containers. Look out landfill!)

Because we are all getting wheelies.

Or not.

Because, in advance of 'W-day' in November, I got a ton of literature (all of which seemed to say the precise same thing - I guess they want to kick off the paper recycling with a bang) and... a 2kg roll of plastic bags.

So far, so 'Huh?'.

Then I read one of them.

No textiles... no problem (The Can Do Crew and REthreads - two other Junkk-assisted local services are alive, well and serving the community still... until the box tickers descend here too, when their mates see some profit in this no doubt).

But... glass?

As ardent reusers, this is the one category we do recycle a lot, simply because of the volume generated and lack of major reuses we can think of... yet.

Now, it seems this all arises due to a confluence of circumstances.

First up, though we have a big house and grounds, it is 'on the street'. Which apparently means our wheelie would block the pavement. How putting out a bag wouldn't, and RE:Boxes didn't before...?

Then there is the 'elfinsaftee of glass in the bag.

So.... a ton of plastic boxes are being scrapped (I presume) to make way for a ton more plastic boxes most in the town or flats can't use, so we end up with plastic bags that won't accept glass.

This is not making much sense to me at present on any level. I have demanded a wheelie and will have to resolve access to it on collection day.

The only positives (so far) are that they will take (some) plastics and there will not (for now) be a trained sniper across the way should we pop the wrong thing in by accident.

But I do note they don't want them squashed. So a big truck is still moving 95% fresh air?

I am looking further into this. There is the council website. No mention of reuse or Junkk.com I can see. Ta, guys!

And, having called to ask what happens to all this carefully sorted recyclate, and being told it is on the above site (not yet, it seems), there is this fun fellow to trawl: http://www.envirosort.co.uk/

Another blog later, I think.

Going off the rails?

No, nowt to do with trains.

I am just wondering what has got into some sections of our political classes, and their notions of advocacy.

First we have the government just getting more bizarre in its kamikaze scorched earth end game, with such as Presidente for Life Blair and David 'sod this I need a better job than the one I'm supposed to be doing' Miliband vying for who can sell the UK out quicker to score a top EU job.

And then we have Lord Stern on climate duty, getting all fence sitters onside:

Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

Of course he is right in that going veggie will make more efficient use of available food resources.

It'll make sod all difference to 'the planet'.

So 'we' give up meat (betting an all vegan diet is unlikely in the 1st class flights to Copenhagen and at all the banquets).

This buys us how long before 'we' simply expand to occupy the space and time that buys us?

Then what do 'we' forgo?

Wrong bloke. Wrong time.

And in one fell swoop he has rather tainted any possible good he might have been associated with in the past.