Saturday, August 01, 2009


Has to start somewhere..



Indy - The great organic myths rebutted - Still 'a view' mind

Indy - The great organic myths: Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can't afford - and another. At leasy we have baalnced argument! No clue still, mind.

BBC - Organic 'has no health benefits' - Frankly it surprised me. So the decisions are now on matters of taste (personal ROI) and environment (enviROI)? Sadly, the costs usually mitigate against this option in our household. Of course, we are talking 'research' and the inevitable to-ing and fro'ing that follows. So take with a pinch of (organic) salt.

Telegraph - Organic food has no added nutritional benefit, says Food Standards Agency

Just watched a 'discussion' on BBC news, with a classic twofer trading research and what was and was not included in the study. I suspect the only winners will be the media and not the cause of informed choice. Lumme, proving my point, it has now descended into a row about poison levels and how it gets defined.

Indy - NEW - Letters - More reasoned counters

Guardian - NEW - Organic food: the natural choice - Ditto - We try to buy local more than organic, but often cost is a counter-factor. I rather fear that, in our modern world, the word 'natural' has little practical meaning. 'We' as a race have surely over-run any 'natural' systems of checks and balances buy now.