Saturday, December 16, 2006

It all still adds up to greed

Another excellent post from Bad Science: (MediaSlut - Ideas) + Money = CorporateWhore

My reply, well, addition:

'Ho, ho, ho (as we say at the Noth Pole, which is due soon to get a beach it seems). He, and Walls, must be so proud.

Actually, he may inadvertently have hit on something, and I have you to thank for pointing it out:

' can have an infinitely good weekend by staying at home and cutting your travel time to zero.'

Actually, that's not too far from a desireable truth, at least environmentally. And, indeed, at this festive time of the year, socially, too. Me, the wife & kids, at home, making new stuff out of old stuff together. Bliss. Merry Xmas.'