Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bird Brains

'Sustainable' flood defences call Odd that such a sensible notion should come from such a quarter, if not first, but to the exception of any other I have seen elsewhere.

By way of an update I still remain unanswered in my attempts to render my home safer form any future water-related issues.

Carrot Tops

I just watched the newly-celeb billed (why?) Andrew Marr show, with one guest being Zac Goldsmith, who was there to explain the new Conservative proposals on the environment.

These are by all accounts discussed in the papers today and I will add links as I come across them later. And then there is the report itself, which is due soon.

I must say how well he came across, though Andrew Marr is not exactly the most challenging of interviewers, and was encouraged by the commitment to 'carrot first, stick second' initiatives.

One obvious one, though smart in its thinking, is to put the incentives at the best point. Hence lowering stamp duty at the point of a house being exchanged in a sale, when there is the best opportunity to upgrade.

Just... I wonder about the logistics of assessment to ensure it is carried out as intended. Also, as one who is committed to eco-upgrades at every opportunity, I remain concerned at forthcoming incentives to those who improve, which leaves hanging whether those who have already may see less reward for having done so. Targets based on improvements are OK, but not if they favour those who hold back to get a better bonus. That is bad enviROI as well as being unfair.

He was also quite clear on the matter of celebrity 'awareness', which was refreshing. By birth and position he cannot help to be who and where he is, but as a multi-millionaire his stated beliefs came across as quite Fiesta Family friendly as to Prius Person Pontificating.

BBC - Tory group urges 'green rebate' - nice to see the FoE on baord

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Guardian - Tory green package targets short-haul flights and landfill