Monday, February 05, 2007

Why not Jade Goody?

All that lies behind this is just too depressing to do any more to than share the piece: Is anyone a natural to replace Attenborough?

Troubel is nobody's looking like fixin' it. Quick or otherwise.

One from Dave of Solarventi: Warning on quick fix for climate change

While I'm the first to endorse not doing something that makes things worse - my enviROI principle - what I do concern myself more with is guff like this:

'The commission sets seven stiff tests for policymakers drawing up proposals, including ensuring climate policy is consistent with a healthy economy and does not involve a piecemeal approach. "Knee-jerk regulatory responses to the climate change challenge and announcements of measures in a piecemeal fashion should be avoided. ''New initiatives should be evidence-based, add value to the existing climate programme and make clear which market imperfections they are seeking to resolve."

What I don't see is a clear statement that the most important aspect is these things should save the planet first, and quickly, before we start worrying about anything else, such as healthy... short-term national advantage and associated political, NGO & carbcon-trading careers.

Pick a number.

Sport is usually pretty clear on numbers, at least between 1 & 3.

So the gold for today's 'Ok it's not enviro, but it's how joined up government isn't working in other areas as well, and explains a lot that doesn't happen to save the planet' award is: Olympics funding 'not worked out yet'

What was the pitch we won then? When I did them for ad work they gave us a budget and we said 'for this, you will get this idea, with this great media deal'. Bingo. One second late or a penny over on dleivery and we were toast.

What was to stop us going in with 'every country's athlete will be personally carried in a diamond-studded litter by Ken, Seb, Tessa and Tony, and showered with champagne as they run about - we'll figure out how we'll do it and pay for it later.'

Glad I'm not a London ratepayer. Or play the lottery. Thing is, may be a good cause it's supposed to help.

Nil points.

Driving Monsieur Crazy

Sorry. Rotten picture. Hard to read.

The headline says something like 'Dirty great 4x4. but it's a hybrid. So no one will complain. Eevn if you don't need it.' Or something.

It's inspired by this: EU chief causes stir by choosing hybrid Toyota

Other than 'causing a stir' by getting another sort of dirty great big new car, I really liked this bit: It is the refusal by the Commission to practise what it preaches that is causing most amusement.

A not so funny thing happened on the way between forums

Hilary does Davos.

I may ruffle some liberal feathers here, but this came across to me waaaaay too 'I'm in and can. You're out and can't'.: What I found at the forum

'Not to detract from the many fine things that doubtless get discussed and maybe even achieved by you and your colleagues (and media camp followers) as you move on from Davos and the (WSF), but to me these were just dates in the political calendar, and some very long and boring periods spent online reviewing posts.

Speaking for this part the UK’s less well funded, as I get invited almost daily to conferences about similar issues of great concern, I could do with receiving immediate and unstoppable support as I rally at the registration pages demanding to be let in for free. But it seems endless staff and budget-bloated NGOs are making it a pretty good industry for the conference organisers, airlines and hotels, especially accommodating organizations who can run to co-coordinators of trade programmes. I just wonder who gets to go, who pays, why and the ROI’s being derived.

Frankly there DOES seem to be something like a World Social Forum every day, and they are all having a real impact as vast hordes shuttle between them.

Just... maybe not the one intended?'

I'm all for talking if things get done that offer a return of value, but the massive grant support for these talking shops does not seem worth it if this is what we get.

Shame the example had to be the FoE, but really, how much gets spent where it's needed, and how much on... other stuff?

An Inconvenient Blog

I picked up on this for obvious reasons: GORE - A Nobel warrior

The blurb was suitably 'Uh-huh', but it was only when I got to the posts that I realised the value of reading blogs. Yes there are some extreme positions taken, and entrenched views, but you do get offered some great little facts you never knew.

Take it or leave it

As I still fight with the Times Online's rubbish new system, I have prised one key link out following my Sunday read in the conservatory (there is a certain pleasure in turning a page and not have the thing go slow, crash or whatever).

It was from their IT webwatch section: First steps in saving the planet

Now it does say 'First steps', so I'm hoping there may be more and, unlike the Indy, they may seem some value in mentioning us, as I mention them here. What used to be Doors, their IT section, is well aware that we exist, after all.

As with all lists, it is a collection of valuable information, and a certain amount of commentary you can take or leave if you agree or not.

But one has to wonder, if this odd collection are the first steps, what on earth will be the last?

I really must return soon to 'plug' us under a nom de plume, as it looks like the one promising thing this new system allows is per topic comment. Not that anyone there actually reads 'em. But we may yet score a mention.


At last I got one in:

'Thank you for some more than worthy and interesting websites to check out.

However, if Katherine Hammnett is at the forefront of the fight (First steps in saving the planet) I rather fear for what is lower on the list.'

A right.. wrong 4th estate of affairs

I've often wondered about journalistic qualifications. What exactly do they teach you for a few years, and then demand to get a professional qualification and membership of some guild or club or whatever? The right way to hold a notepad when asking how a bereaved parent felt when told of their kid's demise?

It seems I should know, because Junkk and, as its principal scribe, me are heading more and more from am to pro-am status as journos.

And in some masochistic manner, the more I do, the more I am getting to truly loathe pretty much all about it as a profession and its 'professional' protagonists and their employers. With very few exceptions.

And reading this it is small wonder: A law unto themselves

What is still necessary, but has passed as a noble calling, has pretty much ceased to have any moral authority or value anymore.

No one trusts what they see, hear or read any more, so why would anyone bother to try and ensure what gets fed to the media is in any way accurate if it is not convenient to be so? Allegedly.

Priority Systems

Ok, you can ask why I was looking, and why I wrote, but this is depressing:

I Hate Macs

I made a point in there about priorities with the world going down the toilet (how many reply to an eco-post vs. this?), but no one could be bothered.

When in doo-doo, does it matter that others are deeper?

Our site is held together by spit and sawdust by today's standards. And it cost a fortune 3 years ago to get it to such a fine state. So I know how it felt to be the record producer offering us a deal on his (5 years' before) state of the art £1/2M suite when I looked around and said 'we can do all this on our £3k Mac and some plug-ins'.

Speaking of Macs and websites, do I tear my hair out or smile smugly that the Times has relaunched its site and I can't even surf it much less access or blog post any more.

This is a problem as it is one of the majors I use to check out stuff.

Maybe they want me to buy the paper again?

Mad - Still theirs did only cost £10 million!!!
Times -

"New and improved, your lime-green on-screen Times"

New. Yes. Lime... yes.
Improved.... getting there.

I was one who rather unfairly (it is free entertainment after all) rushed to critique, having spent a very bad day at launch trying to do anything at all, let alone at snail's pace.

With fingers crossed it is now kicking in.

I'm getting used to finding stuff in different places, and liking finding new bits. This feedback opportunity is one.

Wish I'd had £10M to develop my site.

RE:view a review

There is something I wrote to, though it is nearly impossible to access and I doubt my post made it:

I like AA Gill's writing. It's funny and usually skewers just what needs skewering. He's also rather handsome in a tall dark and well-decked sort of way. So you'd think he'd be on screen more. Interestingly, whenever I've seen him he comes across as a tongue-tied dork, so I think he's prowling the most fruitful territory for his talents.

Which is how I stumbled across this, and had to reply: AA Gill

Hands off Ray. As your mate JC has pointed out, he’s not a real ‘hero-‘hero, but he’s the non-tabloid equivalent if we can ever think of an appropriate word. I’ve told my missus that my one true dream is to spend a year with him (not, perhaps the best way of putting it to my spouse, on reflection), mooching about the world learning what to do after the revolution has come. That’s when nature revolts, by the by, which I’ve been told in all the papers for one day last week (BB got a bit more coverage as I recall) is in ten years’ time. The moment I knew he was ‘the one’ was when your paper asked him to review a new 4x4, and he didn’t like it because you could no longer replace damaged wheel hubs with baked bean tins. That’s the kind of pragmatic planet-saving mixed message I can go with (JC is cool with the whole end of days scenario in his car review, though, so that’s OK)

As to Top Gear, all I can say is they have a very big shed. And a wadge of Wonga I can only envy. My sons and I stood transfixed in Woolies this weekend as Billy Bob Colletrouge reduced a brand new Prius to the world’s biggest colander with the content’s of his Hummer’s Glock box. And I tell them off for shooting their Action Men with BB guns as it may break them and be a waste.

Which brings me, in sequence, to Holiday Watchdog. Didn’t see it, but in light of the whole 10 years to Armageddon thing, from your review I can only hope that George M might also have popped in something about those socially inept tribespersons possibly getting to the point of having better things to worry about than uninvited visitors, as a consequence of film crews, eoc-elites en route to a climate conference in Bali and then finally tourists lobbing up by air to see them suffer. Mind you, as they could probably teach Ray a thing or two, maybe they will be the ones visiting what’s left of us in a few decades.

Note the picture. Even gets more readers!


Not about the environment, but a further example of a trend to very mixed messages, defended with complete and utter nonsense, most likely played up and promptly forgotten by the media:

This Government won't let you take action against criminals

I will watch tonight to see if this is as described.
Assuming it is...
This man still has a job?
This government is still in office?
This will stay in the media... and public... consciousness for how many days?

Meanwhile, I await further news on the kid who has been threatened with fines for not putting the right recycling material in the box while the minister who did the same seemed to be allowed to be confused.