Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Paranoia is KNOWING they are out to get you!

Two unrelated items inspire today's blog.

Well, they are now related by the reasons for this blog, but you'll see what I mean soon.

First up, a nice bunch of folk we have had dealings with - - had recently sent us some feedback thingy that I had logged away to send back when I had a mo' on a 'why not if it helps?' basis.

Now I've just found that they have had (well, felt the need) to issue
a 'statement' having been tackled by some respondents on the whole
'is it eco to print out forms?' issue. And then they have delved into
a lot of counter-pointing computer time stuff that I rather fear will
get them in further knots with the very guys they were trying to

On balance, I think the little bit of shared info about cutting and
pasting .docs and emailing back, which they subsequently shared but
earlier either didn't know about... or forgot... would have cleared
the whole thing up nicely.

The other, in which the protagonists will remain nameless as both so
far seem to us ok folk, but perhaps shaping up to have a bit of a
spat, involved a make of eco-stuff being 'outed' for a relationship
with something nothing to do with the eco-world, but not what most of
us may like to deal with, if I can be so obscure. The inference being
that one could/should affect one's intentions, purchase-wise, because
of the link to the other.


I just know that before long, it's going to be us. We won't mean to.
Wemay not even know until it happens. But from now on, I'm wearing
clean undies, just in case. Washed in the 'right' brand of washing
powder, of course. Any suggestions?