Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love the smell of box-ticking in the afternoon!

Major UK retailers and brands agreed to introduce on-pack recycling labelling system

Once you read that, best make add at the front 'Some...'

I love the smell of box-ticking in the afternoon!

It will be interesting to see how national brands end up coordinating with local authority variations. Especially as this 'non compulsory' scheme is 'encouraged' hither and thither.

I, for one, look forward to yet more info crammed on my pack side, but do wonder if the missus and kids will be too inspired as they stand, binside, getting to grips with bits that are 'widely recycled', and doubt rather whether they will be scooting off on a case by case basis to 'check local recycling'. Actually our local bods do at least take plastics, at least in the swimming pool carpark skip, and we just heave it all in there, from PEP to HDPE to lord knows what.

Well, at least the bits we don't reuse on or pop in our RE:box weekly kerbside boxes- soon to be ditched in favour of a big green wheelie taking everything in a big black plastic bag two counties across to be turned into recyclate tonnages that most recyclers won't take due to quality compromises, but still 'count' for EU targets - will now be better directed.

I cannot wait for the multi-million campaign to create 'awareness' for all this, driving up rates and helping with the bonuses of all (well, most: the consumer is still out of this loop) involved.

Just hope the planet and our kids' futures will benefit as much as the box tickers.

Ain't green grand?


No, minister: mandarins frustrate Miliband's green revolution

I liked this bit::

'One high-profile political colleague was surprised to find the Climate Change Secretary holding a meeting in a small side room with plastic chairs, rather than in the more suitable surroundings of a ministerial office.

"After holding court in the plush ministerial office of [former Environment secretary] Hilary Benn, it was a bit of a change to find Ed in a small room with plastic chairs, a table and a white board," said an official present at the meeting. "It looked like a classroom."'

Well, yes, I can see how not having nice offices would be seen as below the plush levels one expected of a person looking to balance the needs of economy and demands of environmental issues. 'Like a classroom'... indeed. The very idea. Good enough for our kids, though, I guess.

Telegraph - NEW - Where’s the investment needed to green the economy?


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Saving the planet the Vivienne Westwood way

In this case I found it of interest for the topic, protagonist and author.