Sunday, January 11, 2009

21 today

20 big green ideas

Personally, I think reuse is a neat extra one to consider:)

It has emerged...

This is less about wind power than media reporting, though it is obviously the topic featured too...

A small complaint

I am still prepared to be convinced on the enviROI of the whole national endeavour, but when I don't trust government and can't reply on the MSM, I have to say that when the latter get nailed like this my scepticism level has to creep up a notch higher.

To 'er'...divine. Well, better than nothing.

CES 2009: Greenpeace says gadgets could be greener

Not exactly the best start to the year

Why waste authorities are a lot of rubbish

Sadly, the commenters so far are a wee bit more concerned about the misuse of mobiles, than our seeing yet more decision-making, and accountability, hived off to yet another quango.

Is this really what is taking place?

No point asking my MP as he's out to lunch having decided a year ago to quit next election, which has resulted in 'interesting' representation.