Saturday, June 22, 2013

COMPETITION - Waste•smART – creative competition


WHENThe deadline for submissions is 30 September 2013 at 12:00 Central European Time
WHATWhat does waste look like? Photo, cartoon and video competition
WHAT... MORE?: From the site:

Waste•smART is a new competition from the EEA, inviting entries in three categories – photography, cartoons and short films. The best entry in each category will win € 500, and there will be a further € 500 ‘youth prize’, given to the best entry from someone born between 1989 and 1995. The competition is open to citizens of the all EEA member and cooperating countries. All participants must be 18 or older.
Entries could touch on a variety of themes. For example, your entry could be a photograph illustrating wasted food, construction waste, landfills, and recycling. Or perhaps you have an idea for a cartoon showing how we can better reduce, re-use or recycle waste. If you are a filmmaker, you could make a video about how waste policy could be improved, or the resources and energy needed to maintain wasteful lifestyles. However, these are just a few ideas, entrants are encouraged to come up with their own angle.
HOW MUCH: Free! Just as we like it. Do check the rules
COMMENTS: Seems pretty clear cut and I'm happy to share. Mind you, as a cartoonist, photographer and even short videographer there is the temptation to enter too... and this as always rather increases the competition! 

So, if you win and beat me out... do at least doff a hat to at the awards! Good luck.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blink and you'll miss it

Bad enough that I have left the blog a bit lonely for too long.

But it has been long enough to not notice a ton of new features have been added by Blogger to make what does go up more searchable, shareable and all round 'able'.

I had a rare idle moment and clicked a few things that offered my a raft of options which, a few clicks later, are up and running.

Check 'em out in the right hand Nav Bar. Hopefully they do what they say on the tin!

Going to try out the translate drop-down as soon as this is posted.

Boy, does this make me jealous for what could have been almost 15 years ago when I first created, with custom scripts that cost a fortune and took all sorts of savvy to use much less embed.

Now it's all instant, free and awesome.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Collective Weight

Every so often a notion occurs.

And I think I am getting to an age where it's best to pop it down somewhere as my mind these days is so filled with competing thoughts, and evidently less able to recall them, a written record seems a wise precaution.

I was clearing out some junk, as the proportion that has remained junk as opposed to getting converted into useful 'Junkk' is still, sadly, skewed towards the divorce courts.

Amongst a lot that really has to go, and doesn't look like inspiring much now if it hasn't already, is a fair old selection of cardboard, especially in the form of Pizza and Cereal boxes. Still great for filing, but... there's really only so much filing one needs now, especially as that little box just over there is storing 500GB paperlessly, with an even smaller one next to it in reassuring back-up, with the cloud as belt and braces.

The loo rolls are staying, as I have a pretty nifty scheme for these, involving an old drill stand I located (see if you can guess what may be going down there before I unveil this idea).

I think the Tetrapaks have to go, too. I may keep the spout/caps, but they are a lot of bulk with little second use so far inspired.

Which brings me to the cans. Steel ones not so many as we seem to be getting fresher and fresher in our diet, and while I can see some value in the lipped variety connecting together to form tubing, they are darn near uncrushable and hog space.

Which brings me to the aluminiums. For sure we have a lovely haul of ring pulls to conjure with, but the cans themselves? 

I had been simply crushing them to save space, but even this has mounted up.

Cue... the notion.

On our own, over time, we have created a fair old collection, and in crushed form the sacks are barely liftable. But if I simply pop them in the recycling, I am sure the bin men will grumble but their bosses will be thrilled. Pre-processed raw metal!

A while ago I did ask around at what point it all got financially viable to 'the industry' and, hence, in turn, the individual.

A few questions arose and still need clarifying...

1) What quantity makes a delivery (by me) viable?

2) What more makes a collection (by them) viable?

Simple stuff, as I am thinking of creating a master page with a chart. Something like:

RECYCLATE - Delivery/ton - Collection/ton - Value/ton - Local connection

(see how Blogger formatting messes with that between post creation and print)

This can then be simply cut and pasted as data comes in on a postcode by postcode area basis.

I see potential because, presuming any community can find its own storage area, while one person may struggle in a sensible timeframe to build up enough to make it worthwhile, many pooling resources might yet see enough to profit in the effort.