Sunday, May 25, 2008

And so it begins ....... again?

Another classic from cartoon genius Matt of the Telegraph to preface this post about rising fuel prices.


Now the last time the haulage businesses started protesting at the price of fuel, it wasn't too long before it turned into a blockade of fuel depots and the UK ground to a halt.

As this from the Telegraph highlights, it looks very much like things are headed the same way. One thousand large lorries crawling through London is pretty much going to grind things to a complete standstill. And it seems human nature that when enough people protest, others start to join in.

I wonder what the chances of our Gov taking any notice are? Especially given the fact that some oil futures are now trading just short of $140/barrel and each 5p/litre rise sticks another several £Billion in their coffers each year.


Rose’s catty jibe at Kate

'Rose was invited to take part in a talk on “corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability”...

After the speech, Rose jumped into a helicopter, which whisked him to the airport, where he was due to fly out to clubbers’ paradise Ibiza for the bank holiday.'

Not just hypocrisy... M&S hyspocrisy.

Interesting that this is considered 'on message'.

Deep Fertiliser

No idea where to put this, but the subject of of the vast amount of phosphates we waste is pertinent: Waste not, want not

All the news that fit not to print

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