Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Too hot to handle

We have a list of happy problems, which, happily (in some ways) grow
daily. Things like being told our server costs could hit £2k a month,
to which I reply 'if we need that much server use, then we're getting
the kind of traffic we can actually sell to more than cover it'.

One that does concern me is that I really do like to reply in person
to those nice enough to write to us with kind words. Every company
says that of course, and when you're small enough it is still
doable... just... even when the days are long. A few quick lines at
the end of the day round it off a treat.

But when it grows too much more I don't think I'll be able to do it
in person and cope. So I guess the happy problem is figuring a way
around that.

What is not a happy problem is our difficulties communicating with
people who have email accounts with those big guys like aol or
hotmail. And I don't think we can solve this problem, as it is out of
our control.

A user called Zoe, who has a hotmail account, wrote to us
yesterday. As she is registered, at least she must have managed to
set her default settings to allow the sign-up confirmation, so good
for her!

All I did was write a quick 'thank you' for her support. And it
bounced! Now I don't know if it was because my email wasn't on her
list, or because the logo is in our signature, but it is so
frustrating that such simple communication is restricted between two
people who obviously are happy to be in touch.

I really hope that we can find a way around this.