Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ever get that sinking feeling?

CO2 output from shipping twice as much as airlines

As I scattered my dried apricots on my muesli this morning, I attempted to feel noble in the hope that the ingredients need not have flown here.

Well, it seems not. So I guess that full English with a Gloucester Old Spot forming the main dish is looking pretty darn tasty... and eco... now.

Or.... is it? Dum, de dum, dum... daaaaah!

I am sailing, I am sailing, cross the sea....

10 minus 10 equals?

Home Office condemned for '10 years of mistakes'

How long has the present government been in power again?

Just wish there was an alternative I could have confidence in.

I'll need to sleep on this one

Children losing sleep over global warming

'HALF of children between the ages of seven and 11...'

Well, having eventually got my two 10 year olds out of bed after a full 12hrs, I'd have to say that my awesome statistical analysis on a base of, well, two, would suggest that 100% of Scotsman Press Reports, the surveys they are based on (Somerfield!!!) and all the rather sad folk who use this as an excuse to go Waaaaaah!' are full of it.

Junk Mail for Junkk Male

There goes the day job; I'm hooked!

Sorry... couldn't resist:)

I think Dillbert has hit the nail on the head in his first post, second para.

And is certainly true that here in the UK we have similar systems already in place which are not exactly encouraged by the postal services, who can be a powerful lobby group (a lot of posties are in Unions).

But playing Devil's Advocate, I do wonder (don't know so any answers to clarify welcome) about logistics. I often do want some DM, and could care less about others. How do I register for what I want, how do those who want me to get it send it and how does the postal system vet accordingly... and who pays? I just fear a catch all that means we cease to get a source of information that can be valid and valuable. Thanks to our own Telephone Preference System I cannot call companies on the list, who rather insanely don't want to hear about anything new from people they don't know. And with ISPs like AOL we have had the sending and receipt of email communication under consideration for similar 'vetting', though it seems those that can afford to can pay their way out of it. So one could argue this may discriminate against those less able to afford it. Thin end of a wedge?

Also (same knowledge caveat applies, and bearing in mind I run a re:duction, re:use and re:pair site, hence my concern on mass censorship on e-communication, though ours, like Grist, is opt-in), I was wondering in the great global warming scheme of things how damaging recycled paper products from managed forests are, in the same way as, say, biodiesel.

Could it (shriek-proof earmuff in place) be that encouraging relatively fast growing, protected greenhouse sinks may have a place as part of the carbon capture global repertoire?

Just asking.

Electric Blues

More in/from Grist

I found this post and the answers interesting and informative.

When their intentions are sincere I can live with the fact that some posters may not be up to speed on every aspect of what they post about, so long as questions are posed... and especially when they get answered. So thank you, EastBayBlue, you are obviously very smart and have done the research. That could come possibly across just as well without bashing others over the head?

The legislative impediment to going 4-wheel is interesting. And I agree needs further investigation and answering. I have to say as an ad-man that the thing can be as worthy as you like, but if it looks like it will fall over (amongst other stylistic shortfalls - then again the Prius isn't exactly slick to my eyes) it will suffer consumer resistance. And that needs addressing if these things are credible solutions to emissions.

Maybe you can help me here. I have taken our UK media to task with stories on these efforts before, when they stand next to one and gush that it is' 'pollution free'. By my best estimation, they are not, depending on the source of electricity to charge them. And even nuclear still produces pollution and greenhouse gasses in the form of steam, so really the exhaust pipe is just in another place.

Then there is the efficiency of energy transfer between generator to storage in vehicle at home, and then as a % of miles covered.

Maybe you could help educate me/us further?

I am glad to say, someone kindly has, at least in part, so please revisit the link above.

However, I fear in the same breath I had to share in return less than cheering news at the same time:

That's no car, it's an eco-quadricycle

You couldn't make it up, again

With our beloved supermarkets - Supermarket chain stops petrol sales - still flogging petrol how many days after the silicon story broke with the great advice that 'it should be alright' in some stations, it is a confusing time to be a motorist.

And just when you thought those in power could not screw it up any more, well... enjoy...

'Pay as you drive' schemes are in disarray

Speedy Justice?

Just watched a piece on citizen speed radar traps. With kids I totally agree with any form of traffic calming. But sorry, not by anyone but those trained and legally tasked with doing so. Not some granny with a gun.

Are these devices reliable?
Are the operators' eyes reliable?
Are they sure to be objective?
Are the records held against other traffic infractions?
What is the opportunity to appeal and have the records expunged?

Can I get a local neighbour to assess me for tax?

Nice to have a soapbox provided

BBC - On the Oscars...

I really should record BBC Breakfast.

As I watch the ineffectual Newswatch (actually a few great questions posed, but as usual not answered in any effective way) with, irony of irony, Climate Change coverage (don't forget to watch, if not mention Ch4's 'Great Global Warming Swindle' next Thursday - as a climate change believer I would hope that it will not be deemed too boring to address with balance, but also diligence to ensure we are properly informed) followed by the commitment made, both in coverage terms AND resources (points well made here already here), with the 'fluff & froth' Oscars... Amazin' Kate, gosh, gush, amazin'.

I just got my latest 'We didn't do it. It wasn't a problem. And if it was what are you going to do?' from the show on my latest complaint as I watch the Saturday guest columnist (who I normally enjoy) mouth off on 'motorists'. He started off with a good point, but ended up being allowed to make, in my view prejudicial commentary.

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Fanshaw, that something fair, equitable... and national... needs to be done on road pricing.


Can we presume that the rail system and connections in the South East from Brighton, to the BBC in London, and the compensation for same, may have resulted in a personal, privileged and unrepresentative view being broadcast without challenge?

Loved the dress... loved it.