Saturday, September 27, 2008

Junkk is 'Blue Peter on steroids'

Always liked that quote.

Anyway, reading the Times today I came acrosss this, which seemed worth a share by way of an homage.

It's where I ended up after clicking an ad/icon.

Oddly, I'm not clear on what one is meant to do to find out more, which I would have liked to do.

Fine, maybe. But let's not forget.

The EU's Renewables Directive: unworkable and costly

Slightly O/T but related, as I read this at the same time as my council may have to dip into my wallet to pay for the landfill misses.

Just how many 'targets' are there, irrespective of any actual value they may have as an actual enviROI that helps my kids' futures, that 'we', the tax/ratepayer have been set up to fund the fines for? By whom? And where does this protection racket money go to if (no doubt) and when paid over by those who arranged it all on our behalves?

BBC - UK opposes green aviation target - The Gord caveth, and the Gord diggeth in?