Thursday, September 25, 2008

AWARD - Rushlight Awards 2008

WHEN: 31 October 2008
WHAT: Rushlight Awards 2008

WHAT... MORE?: The Rushlight Awards are a unique set of awards designed to celebrate and promote UK and Irish organizations that are developing environmental technology and innovation. The categories cover renewable energy, clean fuels, power generation, waste, water and pollution management, including a number of new award categories for 2008 such as nuclear, energy efficiency and water management.

HOW MUCH: There is a 20% discount off the entry fee (£100) for members of the supporting partners and readers of the media partners’ publications.
COMMENTS: A new one to us, but the pedigree looks very impressive. Not the cheapest but by no means the most expensive. We are thinking of having a crack ourselves.

Tyred and emotional

Scrap Values

Ready, aim.. missed. Off to another meeting, guys!

The strange science of setting targets

If it's anything, it's an art. If a rather dubious one. The Damien Hirst of social breast-beating as a veneer over rampant self-interest, where you might get to fool the 'smart set' to fork out bazillions for a rotting corpse as it keeps a lot in work even if no one actually benefits.

On the one hand, I accept the need for measures, whereby you can assess what you are aiming for (and have agreed with others), how you're doing en route (in case corrective actions are needed) and how well all involved performed in meeting them.

However, these days, when I hear the word 'targets', and all the associated waffle from those with a box-ticking, bonus-addicted, media-ratings reason to deal in them, I rather switch off.

Perhaps because they, and the industries surrounding them, have been totally discredited?

Jobs for the boys, and girls. Makes you green with envy, eh?

Labour's shocking CO2 admissions

I am, I must admit, still trying to get my head around who actually funds my having my own personal waste / compost advisor / bin checker / sustainability executive / WEEE consultant as I don't think that their pay and pension is covered by them producing anything that actually generates income. Or the vast comms budgets that accompany their roles in Gov, LAs, Edu or quangos.

I know these are not 'meant' to be included in the noble list suggested, but why do I feel they might? I sense, with dread, a pen hovering over a box.

I am wondering who the last poor soul left in the UK will be who is making anything that creates enough wealth enough to support all who need to feed of their taxes.