Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's a cold, wet Tuesday. How to cheer myself up?

I know I don't have writer's block. But I certainly have newsletter writer's block.

It's August, and although 90% complete, I still can't seem to find the oomph to finish and send the April Junkk newsletter.

Anyway, when I do (and I must), I do hope that I will manage to ensure that it gets personalised properly by integrating the template with the mailing list.

However, if I fail up (it has been known), I can take comfort that those who might be a tad better funded, staffed and experienced can still miss a trick:)

See how the fields are drawn up, I also note that it is often best to do something (as I do) like Hi in case they only give a first or no name at all.

You got it free here first

But if you have a spare $1ok, you can get it confirmed, probably in a tad more detail here:

The Media’s Key Role in ‘Greenwashing Washout’

I am ashamed to admit (and hence pondering whether to ask) what a LOHAS consumer is (I suspect... it's me. Addendum: Oh, it is), but really this is the key section:

'...consumers express more distrust of the media, underscoring the importance of communicating only the most meaningful, memorable and relevant environmental news to have the best chance of regaining consumer trust.'

Certain media... take note. You know who you are. If you care.

Enviromental Leader - Greenwashers Get Site Of Their Very Own