Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Looking out for your neighbours?

Or going beyond the limits of acceptability? This is not enviro related but is one of those stories that makes you think "what if it had happened here?".

The full report is from ABCNews, and concerns a certain Joe Horn, who shot and killed two burglars attempting to break into his neighbour's house.

Now here in the UK, Joe Horn would already be serving a long sentence for manslaughter; over the other side of the pond, a grand jury actually declined to indict him, so he will not even be facing trial.

Here you can be 'done' for putting the wrong recyclables into the incorrect recycling bin. It rather makes you think, doesn't it?

Red flag!

Petrolheads take to life in the slow lane

Just noticing a few comments in the main piece and thread that seem to suggest that the solution to getting back up to speed is just to go 'alternative', such as electric/hybrid.

How are these 'free' sources of non-polluting, carbon-neutral energy generated again?

I do believe it's what it takes to get the wheels turning that matters for pocket and planet; not what goes in the tank.

C... ohhhh... too?

This deserves its own little slot. Hey, what's £100B amongst chums?

How the government fluffed its renewables numbers

Frankly it should be front page.

'Apparently somebody got carbon and CO2 mixed up, said an official.'

'But the subsequent point tells a more interesting and worrying story: reductions in 2020 are interesting, but surely the total reduction in greenhouse gas emissions the UK buys with its £100bn is even more important. The government, it seems, is worried about ticking boxes in Brussels, but has lost sight of the big picture.'