Saturday, July 21, 2007

Political common sense shock!

Of course it may be a tad early to cheer too much: Brown to lobby EU on greener VAT

Words and phrases like 'to (as opposed to 'will') lobby (as opposed to 'get in their faces')' and 'push for' (which means?) or 'would seek' (and ye need not necessarily find?) rather make it in the realms of a punt... or, rather, pledge.

And you have gotta love this bit: 'The European Commission welcomed the initiative but said it would require agreement from all 27 member states.' I stand ready to be disabused, but that sounds like 'Yo, Gordo. Still settling in and need to show you're in charge, eh? Sure, we'll help a bit. But the answer is going to be no, ok? But you knew that, right?'

Huge idea, though. Wonder why no one thought of, and/or suggested it before/

Especially as we're trying to encourage better enviro-practice all round.

ps: Is it just me, but is everyone's nearby river coming through their front door?