Saturday, May 12, 2007

Only logical, it is.

This is interesting as I had almost given up on Innocent, who seem a darn good fit in more ways than one, but there may yet be a way (he said, mysteriously, and Yoda-like), of which more another time.

Lament for lost Innocence

Such alliances/deals always seem to spark the same commentary. I find it interesting the higher standard that some are held to just because they have a product that is healthier/more ethical, etc. Like Anita Roddick and Body Shop. It is theirs, and business is business. It's not like they are going to the Dark Side.

A powerful riposte to such critiques would be to simply stand one's ground and point out it is a lot more effective to get 'in' and cause change from that side, than being outside ranting... so long as one is firm on one's principles and takes all chances to let them spread.

I was once asked if I'd ever put an Esso ad on my site, and caused much feather ruffling by saying 'of course'. Thing is, my local station has an LPG pump, and I will for sure let them advertise THAT, but certainly not 4* . You never know, if they start seeing enough revenue coming in they may ditch a petrol pump for another more eco-option.

Use the market forces, Luke...

Also cures baldness, the ague, ill humours...

Global Cool is hot on carbon emissions

I just hope that you are right in the hope expressed in your second para.

Just reading the rest of the piece it struck me just how many of the
green elite 'ambassadors' already on board seemed to think nothing
of flying hither and thither in the name of saving the planet...
with it all being hunky-dory so long, one presumes, as it is 'offset'.

As someone who only cares about genuine efforts to reduce the
wasteful and/or not necessarily necessary consequences of
expanding, more affluent populations in a consumer driven global
economy, I remain to be convinced how genuine and/or effective
these efforts really are.

Especially when there's big money to be made dealing in green
as opposed to simply living it.


BMW hopes M&S chief will lead the drive towards hydrogen

While the emission of water vapour (itself, I believe, a potential
greenhouse 'gas' ) is certainly to be encouraged as an alternative,
I do wonder about a commensurate commitment to the spirit of

Is there any reason this thing is six litres and 300bhp? Is it not possible
to create a safe, high-performance vehicle of more reasonable size?
I recently saw the Governator lob up in his US version of this...
in a 2-ton Humvee!

While one recognises the need for mobile test beds, one has to
wonder a bit about how genuine the green message is. Fine if it is filled
up and only used within range of the station (Mr. Rose, one presumes,
lives and works in the vicinity, otherwise he just got a massive petrol
Beemer to run around the country in), but what is the enviROI of the
hydrogen production considering the cost pressures?

It may not pollute on combustion but how does it rate to get to the
tank vs. other alternatives? Please reassure it's all thought
through as genuine green.

The Write Stuff

Someone (actually a lovely freelance writer called Jo Cantello, who has offered to try and help promote and RE:tie for no more than her own entertainment, another string to a rather humbling bow of support we are bringing to bear in our mission) asked me last night if I'd had a 'productive' week.

If she had used the word 'busy' I'd still be on the floor giggling.

The best I could do by way of reply was to hope that events were still 'promising'.

Thursday I was beeing shot for a few hours by a photographer here, holding the RE:tie, for a possible piece in a national daily (actually, their Sunday Business Section, so a fingers crossed trip to the newsagents tomorrow, even though it may be a tad premature). Then a draining 80 minute interview with the journalist yesterday. No stone was left unturned, nor weakness in strategy exposed, rather proving my point... again... that you can't bang a round peg into a square hole, and it really makes sense to devote more effort now to building a team than making me do stuff I am not very good at. I need Men (or Ladies) in Grey... suits! Who can talk numbers, and IP, etc.

For instance, UKTI has arranged for me to go to Total Packaging at the NEC next week. Assuming the big boss of anything - Tescos, Bottle Top Makers Ltd - is there, and identifiable rather than a face in the crowd, I'm not sure what I do. Rush up with my prototype and say 'Fancy buying this?' I'd get arrested.

But glimmers abound. I had a great chat with the official media editor for the event, Mike Hall of Retail Packaging, and he has offered to usher me around, as well as kindly making intros to people I'd have never found, doing things I didn't know existed, and offering advice and leads I can only dream about. One such is Robin Moorby of Clipper Containers and Closures, who has been more than helpful already. So, busy, yes, and productive... I think so.

Plus the encouraging signs continue. Having moaned about missing all these potentially useful conferences by them being silly money, I have been offered a guest ticket to one biggie by a speaker... via these pages! I just hope it will come off.

And as a further welcome sign that what we are trying to do... and share with a lite green public audience... is being respected and, better yet, valued, a book just plonked in my in-tray for review, totally unsolicited.

By noted enviro-author Leo Hickman, I am hoping to catch a moment to 'relax' this weekend and read it. But I am honour bound to read a few others in the queue first. Plus make a new Vac:Sac as my mobile billboard for next week's show as I'd donated Old Pinky to a Cumbria Recylcing Roadshow. Oh, and do the standby plug tests for my re:view on that. And the low energy bulbs. And the newsletter.....

I think my RSI is coming back.