Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a tough job...

Ethical dilemmas: is walking more polluting than driving?

Not to mention flying hither and thither in the name of 'awareness', it seems.

What a dilemma! Two hours relaxing in the soft leather seats of a billionaire's private jet or 20 hours behind the wheel of a hire car

One faced by many around the world, daily, I'm sure. Along with the other daunting choices faced. Has Mr. Harrabin got back from his scuba diving trip yet? Message and messengers again spring to mind.

Worth a read

An interesting view on the recent Copenhagen Climate conference..

What message, and whose, from Copenhagen?

Though it might be noted that even the author of this, in my view more nuanced and balanced view to almost all partisan reports I have been exposed/subjected to so far, falls a tad short on DOING, too.