Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Civil exchanges online. A rare pleasure.

I got a reply (well, with a few score others) from a celeb jounro!

The piece in question is below, and I'd popped in a sarky one liner more to keep the author on his toes. He's better than most in the green arena, though can, has, does and will still err on being a bit 'thee and me' in the who's in and who's out of Greeleet VIPdom.

But I did swing to his defence a wee while ago when he came out the the nuclear bunker. Not so much for the nuclear bit, but for his right to speak.

Green shoots of recovery

I was just teasing (some of these posts can come across as a bit worthy), and actually really appreciate the fact that an author here a) reads what they have set in motion and, b) better yet takes the time to reply/engage. Few do. Major kudos.


Oct 08 08, 3:18pm

- Junkketeer - We're talking pretty small beer, just a Shares ISA. Without revealing my entire personal finances, I ain't rich, despite having written a couple of excellent books which everyone on this site really ought to rush off and buy. (there, I have shown there is no better thing than repeated publicity)

- youngpretender - you're quite right, of course. RBS is horrible, and their investments in fossil fuels are indefensible. I'll offload those (small quantity of) shares just as soon as they regain some value...'

I, too, am pondering the penning of a eco-book, with all the recycled, natural-inked, 'just had to fly there to find out how flying there was killing us' pitfalls.

But with this being the Grauniad and all, and there being about 20 articles daily on what to do and, more controversially what NOT to do (or else) du jour, it must surely have occurred that fronting up on investing in a company that invests... etc.. was kind of what a lot of folk get lambasted for/finger-waved at by commentators here all the time. Bit like Mr. Monbiot lobbing up (he didn't I hope) in his new motor for the 'hundreds drive round the UK in cars to show how much fuel we can save by being more careful driving' irony event winner today.

Especially if many seem to figure they'll just have one last, wafer-thin PR-jolly to Antarctica to see.. er ... report on how tourism is killing the polar bears before the ice melts. Or hell freezes over. Or those shares gain enough value so a profit can be made first before any enviro-breast-beating kicks in on a per word basis.

Ain't easy, is it, caring about the future but also trying to be pragmatic? Keep up the good work.

You could always ask Aunty...

... his tame PR arm.

Is Richard Branson a green hypocrite -- or just a bad businessman?

We have always advocated Gold from Green

A certain retailer decides that you can save green in more ways than one by hooking up with, and...

Poundland escapes high street pounding to post bumper results

Coincidence? Who is to say? But whatever it is, it's a happy one we're thrilled to share:)

If nothing else (and, FWIW, we think there is more... lots more), we seem to be very lucky in, with and for the company we keep.

And you know what Napoleon looked for first in his Generals?


Another thanks to Martin of EnviroAbility

WHEN: Closing date for entries is 31 October, 2008
WHAT... MORE?: Aimed at helping ordinary people find solutions to environmental problems, the Prize was launched ten years ago and is recognized as a prestigious international initiative, attracting entries from around the world. The Prize is a joint initiative between the University of St Andrews and international energy company ConocoPhillips.
Below is a brief description of the Prize. If you know of anyone who would be interested in applying or an organisation that could see a benefit in hosting a link to the Prize website, please forward.

Are you doing something for the environment? The 2009 St Andrews Prize for the Environment is open to entrants from anywhere in the world. The winner will receive $75,000 USD and two runners-up will each receive $25,000 USD.

The Prize recognises significant contributions to environmental conservation and since its launch in 1998 has attracted entries from more than 50 countries each year on diverse topics including;

sustainable development in the Amazon rainforest
urban regeneration
health and water issues
renewable energy

Submissions for the annual prize are assessed by a panel of eminent trustees representing science, industry and government with the award going to the project the Trustees consider displays the best combination of good science, economic realism and political acceptability.

HOW MUCH: Looks free. Yay!
COMMENTS: We figure we're in the a left filed entry on recycling...ish.
Note... it is international. If you win and knock us off, think of who told you:) Heck, if you win in those other categories, still think of us!

Maybe they don't know what they are?

Nearly half of FTSE-250 companies keep their carbon footprints hidden

Bet they all have awesome CSR reports, though.

IRONY ALERT - Driving misers crazy

It's a tricky one.

Competition throughout history has driven innovation, and innovation in driving is the competition here.

However, I had to crank a slight eyebrow at a piece on the news today about a driving competition that is based on the lightest foot winning.

I would just wish that there had (if there was I missed it) been a slight tilt towards the fact that, whatever the awareness, there are still an awful lot of cars gadding about the country burning fuel. It's better, but to me still erring on F1 trying to allude to eco-status by thinking about bio-fuels.

So far all I have gleaned as a consequence is that a smaller car uses less fuel, plus if you don't accelerate or break hard. Well, D'uh.

I do wonder what box-ticking effort this latest exercise in awareness might really be serving.

Addendum - Just watched the lunch news. The objective is, apparently, 'to use the least fuel'.

I wrote in and asked if, as a local participant (they went past my home), I could claim a prize, as my car used sod all fuel today as I didn't get in it.

Sadly, no reply. But fear not, this is so popular that there are plans for many more. Gaia breathes easier, I am sure.

Addendum 2 - Just watching the BBC Breakfast News about some noble race or other across the Antarctic. I am sure TV show and book to follow.... on BBC Worldwide.

Now, I am all for all these 'higher, faster, stronger' celebrations of the human spirit, but do wonder how the irony alert gets disconnected because some staffers are on to plug the thing.

Were we not being lambasted for how all we are up to is messing up the wildlife in colder climes? And how do all these guys and their teams get there... kayak?

I am still trying to get my head round yesterday's well-publicised 'eco'-race (one of many to come, apparently. Maybe F1 will get in on the act) where hundreds of folk drive around the country to show how little petrol they used. I was the clear winner by not going out at all in my car, and if I did only for something I really needed it for.

Consistency, Aunty, consistency. Next you'll be vying for a slot on Virgin Galactic... oh.

Join Captn. Fishtock's 'Polar Bears need more settees to rest on icebergs' now!