Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PROF'S POSER - Dial 'S' for 'Sun'

Nothing like tapping into the best brains out there.

Sp sorry if this is another question without an answer, as yet.

This weekend I bought a solar security lamp combo.

Where it was needed rather determined where it went and, despite a 5m cable, my choices were limited.

However, I did manage, a great risk to life and limb, to get it pretty high up, to make the most of the daytime sunlight. And, despite the picture, the panel is pretty much clear exposure all day.

However, I faced it due South. And near vertical. Now I have noticed, on a nice day like today, it is missing out on any solar impact until mid-morning, though if the sun stays out it will keep it pretty much until dusk.

My question is whether this is the most sensible orientation? Two real issues. When is the sun mostly 'out', and when is it at its most solarific?

I know that data will exist, and can determine the optimum year-round setting, as I don't want to go up there again. Scaaaaareee!

In passing, I will advise that I am working on a self powered device to help panels auto-track the heat of the sun, which I'll share when complete.

RE:tie - Uses

A few business folk have dismissed the RE:tie as they can't think why anyone would use them.

How do I love thee, RE:tie, let me (and I rather suspect, nay hope, others' imaginations may add to the list) count the ways ....

Bag tie - (if you are being charged per bag, you'll want to fill it to the top. So you'll need a tie)
Bean canes -
Cable Tidy - no pix yet
Connector -
Sign-posting -
Supermarket baskets -
Wheel hubs -


By happy coincidence, I already have come across the next batch, from nifty reuse site repurposeful (featured in links..RHS)

Bogey persons

Opposing wind farms should be socially taboo, says Ed Miliband

This should, technically, be under the ALT. ENERGY category, but I think I'll give it its own splash.

What the heck does that headline, and by association the words of a government minister, mean?

'Should be socially taboo'? Is he simple? Or just playing to the crowd at the premiere of the Age of Stupid which, a few blogs earlier I have stated I wish to watch, but am more than unimpressed that will not allow any dissenting commentary to enter their realms.

Opposing wind farms should be subject to reasoned debate, facts, objectivity and (what is left of it) democratic process. Plus...enviROI. Just because there's a big whirl thing that meets an EU target and a lobbyist's entreaties doesn't make it right.

Next thing you'll find is Ministers will go on air claiming that the court of public opinion should take precedence over the law....oh.

I think these things can and should be embraced, wherever and whenever practically and cost/eco-effectively possible. But then I don't live near any. I like the look of them. But I accept there are negatives, from noise (close up) to property prices being reduced. Such things cannot be dismissed in such a manner by breaking out of one's pod like something from 'Invasion of the Body Snatcher's and hissing 'Nimby' at folk who have other views, any more than one should throw around pejoratives like 'denier' or 'Treehugger'. Especially if thy are there and you are just passing by.

I'm with Voltaire here, and I while I may agree with much that Mr. M is trying to do, I think he has a darned doltish way of saying it.

Worried about CO2 and Methane?

Well, apart from these two well known greenhouse gases, there are now a couple more to worry about too, as this from SciScoop reports.

Apparently, concentrations of nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) and sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) are rapidly increasing in our atmosphere and both are known to be powerful greenhouse gases.

Just how many more straws can we (mankind) load onto the camel's back?