Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NEWS/GO3 PR - Greenprofs.com Directory

Just been told of a new directory that looks well worth being part of if you qualify:


And the best part is that it is our favourite kind.... free!

Junkk lauds LA councillor shock!

Barmy bureaucratic bin laws make a mockery of justice says Enfield councillor and magistrate

Go, Tel.. go!

But seriously, this does show such 'initiatives' are not just the scares whipped up by the tabloids.

Data, and how to use it...

Had a few dealings with NISP, and they seem to have a better idea than some...

NISP data may kickstart government waste campaign

Careful you don't wake up next to a horse's head

WRAP seeks packaging partner

I see Dick Searle in there, who I have met and seems pretty straight. Let's see, eh?

• Full details are here . The deadline for submissions is 12.30pm on 8 October.

I doubt it's worth us having a go, mind.

As opposed to 'ineffective', I guess...

Effective mixed plastics collection needed in UK

Not quite being fair, but it does highlight how we are here, and now, at a point where such a headline in an industry magazine is still on the front page.

Interesting also to note my chums WRAP in there, too. Mixed messages are a problem I guess, unless of course you get paid whatever the message is.

EU new car CO2 rules

The EU's rules on all new cars averaging CO2 emissions of under 130 g/km now look as if they are not going to come to pass, as the EU's own internal legal committee has declared the new rules to be illegal, according to this from AutoWired.

Oh, the joys of large scale bureaucracy. You simply couldn't make this up, could you?