Thursday, July 07, 2005

Olympic Ideals

I have written this yesterday (which is as convoluted a shared concept of time travel as I, and possibly you can cope with first thing), at breakfast time, and hence before the announcement of the result of the Olympic host city. I do so blissfully unconcerned by the result (total sporting trophies in the cupboard: one, and that for a beanbag race at age 8. But then, it may even be an Olympic sport by now). No, it's because, having had a BBC outline of the performance of the British bid, I am proud of 'them' (whoever 'they' are).

Also as a non-resident within the GLA that maybe easier for me to say on a ROI basis (and we at to prefer stuff to cost the public little or nothing if possible - I bet Tone will be happy to bask now and leave the tab for his successors to cope with), but I am truly impressed by the creativity shown in the bid. And while I really haven't seen all the videos and stuff to comment that objectively, by creativity I really mean what I heard of the thought processes and cost-effective ideas that have gone into the presentation. Now if/as they.. er,.. have.. blow out (you know what I mean) it will weaken my argument, but as with all things there are many other factors in the mix. However if it's all about promoting sport and inspiring kids for the future, then it's hats off to them whatever happens.

My favourite was the report that while the French filled their VIP front row with a bunch of pols on a jolly, Les Anglais had a bunch of kids in there. Calculated, yes, but sheer genius in making a point, and making it well. Also getting genuine folks to present, rather than sticking on a slick vid. You can only take so much CGI in a day.

And if I may make yet another Junkkocentric point in my blog, I anticipate all future such bids to copy this strategy in pale imitation. Nice to see some UK Go3 & marketing guys being first to be first, rather than queuing up to be second once the focus groups have had their bland way. Now, to make sure in 2012 we still have a green, clean and pleasant land around which to hold this, or any other event, what next would it make sense for business and government to support up front? Answers on an e-card to...!