Friday, September 05, 2008


Not so much an award; more a route to applying

AWARD - Shell Springboard 2008

WHEN: Deadline Nov 7
WHAT: Shell Springboard 2008
WHAT... MORE?: A programme that provides a financial boost to innovative, low carbon business ideas from across the UK. The idea behind the programme is that the business response to climate change should not be all about compliance and cost. There is a huge business opportunity if society is to move from a carbon-constrained world.
The criteria for those businesses which apply are very simple. Applications will be considered if the product or service will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emmissions, is commercially viable and is innovative.
HOW MUCH: Free, but work required
COMMENTS: We've tried before. But will go again. Seems worth a punt.

EVENT - Big Debate: young leaders or green saviours?

WHEN: 15th September
WHAT: Big Debate: young leaders or green saviours?
WHERE: ICC, Birmingahm
WHAT... MORE?: The event, organised by Birmingham City University, follows research into attitudes and influences in developing green policies, reviewing how individuals can proactively apply green lifestyle choices in the workplace.
HOW MUCH: Free, but limted spaces
COMMENTS: See you there... watch out for the pink Junkk Vac:Sac backpack!

Whoops, he said. From his cosy study.

UK's top boffin: Renewables targets were 'a mistake'

"I think there was some degree of confusion at the heads of states meeting dealing with this,"

Fortunately, the poor loves 'confused' by such complex issues will not be likely to suffer the consequences as much as those who have paid them all their lives to get to grips with such things.

Along with, apparently, CEOs of vested interest energy supply companies, etc.

As to my dear old Mum, however...

Left Hand. Right Hand. And what's inbetween

I often derive a small measure of amusement from unintentional combinations, and have been known to share in other's misfortune.

So here's one of mine I just noticed as a bit of Friday fun:)