Monday, November 17, 2008

Mini Nuclear Plants...

..... look to be just around the corner; they are even taking advance orders already! No bigger than a large hot tub, and creating enough power to support up to 20,000 homes, the full story is from PhysOrg.

Perhaps in a few years time there will be a matchbox box sized version suitable for generating the power just for one property? The mind boggles!

Turkeys think Xmas is better vegetarian, when asked.

Or, who pays,.... oh, heck who cares?

U.S. Consumers: Companies Should Pay To Manage Climate Change

An interesting survey, and encouraging in parts.

Of course I have never come across anyone (though have seen a few blog posts that would suggest a few of a contrarian aspect) who, if asked, is against anything 'good' that is 'green'.

One also has to wonder to what extent it was made clear, or the respondents made the mental leap on their own and were still cool on the notion, that the personal cost to them of most company products usually includes any costs the company incurs, plus a bit.

Would the results be the same if the headline dropped the :Companies?



Indy - How to cut your paper footprint - Mind you, this cranked an eyebrow a tad: '...on her return from the trip in 2006 which took her round most of the great forests of the world for her new book: Paper Trails. Paper Trails by Mandy Haggith is published Virgin Press £12.99' - call Independent Books Direct'

Gaurdian - NEW - Don't print this post - Perhaps as interesting, if depressing, for the replies. Mind you, a finger-wag from any in 'green' officialdom, DDAIDDAIS-wise, rather invites a mirro being held up.


Britain's trillion-page mountain stacks up