Thursday, March 08, 2007

Call for help

I just came across this:

An eco-chic bag won’ t stop bulging landfill sites

And as I had a ready retort: it will if it is made out of reused materials (Vac:Sac anyone?), I saw a promo at hand.

Thing is, even though the associated eco-worrier panel has a thingie that says 'Post a Comment', I can't seem to locate how, via my Mac or any PC.

Any ideas?

I'd write to them, but as these 'ladies who do green' are on a fairly narrow path - I must have written a score of times to point out that there are others in addition to Freecycle, all equally free and hence worth mentioning (like our JunkkYard... oh, maybe that's why).

Consumer resistance? I’m all for it

It depends where you look, or are looking from

'...cost me less than £100. It doesn’t have a brand and I don’t know
(or care) who made it... But it doesn’t have to be an expensive
thing of beauty.'

You have a slightly different view to me of 'doesn't have to be expensive'.

However I laud your consumer resistance.

You may pop over a few blogs to a colleague who you may enjoy
debating these pressing issues with.

She is not so sure about buying an eco-bag as a fashion or green
choice. I was moved to point out that many very nice things are now
made (often helping the makers) out of reused materials, and look
nice taboot.

But such things can still be reassuringly priced to get into you gels'
zone of interest.


Careful what you wish for

Channel 4 wants to turn your television into a tip

'Should they locate the parts for, and then manage to assemble a working PC , internet connection and power supply (why not? I saw it done on McGyver), they could do worse than log on to daily to see what they can make and how to make it.

And of course share their own innovations with/for others.

That way we can not just anaylse how we live, but improve it too.

A plan?'

The door was opened a crack...

Pathetic MPs fail to test newspapers over ethics

There's a headline I thought I'd never see: MPs, newspapers and ethics all in the same sentence, when they are mutually exclusive, jointly and severally.

At least there was 'pathetic' and 'fail to test'.

I am currently running a test with our national broadcaster, who I co-fund with 59,999,999 (or so) others, and which is in fact responsible to us, but seemingly totally unaccountable for their fine-backed, mandatory-fee-supported media monopoly across all broadcast and some print categories.

Having just listened to a radio talk show create the stage, and then go on to provoke a bar-room brawl first over UK/US relations and then, for good measure, the vehicles 'we' feel should be 'banned' (stirred up with to taste - very bad taste - rants by z-list celebrities), I have popped off the latest in a series of complaints.

I'm guessing two weeks before one of the legions of fob-off-and-forget munchkins gets back with a form 'We had a look/listen. No, there wasn't a problem in our view. If there was we don't care. And anyway, what are you going to do about it? But we do appreciate your feedback and will bear it in mind. Don't bother arguing or asking to go higher because the system doesn't allow for that... for obvious reasons'.

Guardian - Kicking the habit
Celebrities are checking into rehab like there's no tomorrow. Why can't they just buy a self-help book like the rest of us?

Not sure, but I do believe the purchase of self-help books, unless conducted, Britney Hair-styly, does not get you top slot on the nation's broadcaster, or indeed an 'any PR is...' mention here, paying quite a few remora.. sorry.. reporter's, salaries en route .

Nothing like a nice bit of PR support for the media

The final frontier for travel insurance

You may also wish to include cover for flight delays in case any Guardian readers (and reporters) who don't see the irony of supporting rich folk having a Kodak moment atop a column of greenhouse gasses, whilst thinking Greenpeace chaining themselves to a Land Rover production line was a neat idea, suddenly see the value of single standards.

You know where I am going with this, of course

To: BBC West Midlands

I just caught a piece on Breakfast News about a new, non-polluting delivery truck that is 'responsible for no CO2 emissions'.

This is fantastic.

Is there any more information on this, and how it does it?

...Or, as more than a minor issue, the Environment?

The Big Question: Would transatlantic 'open skies' be good for UK airlines and passengers?

Just askin', 's all. I think it should be in the headline.

Indy - Letters: Open skies

Tough with words. Tough on the causes of words. Or just 'tough'?

Miliband to make new emissions pledge

Don't you just love a good Pledge? One simply swipe and a manky bit of dead wood can be made to look and smell nice... for a wee while, until it wears off.

"David Miliband, the Environment Secretary, will try to restore Britain's place as world leader in the battle against climate change next week, with undertakings to cut the country's carbon output by the year 2020."

"He will promise..."

"That way, he hopes to get the UK back on track.."

Repeat after me, 'The Gloucester Old Spot now leaving Terminal 3, again....

"Tony Blair will fly to Brussels today..." Sorry. Not fair. Just... in context, it scanned amusingly.

"The initiative has been applauded by the former US vice president Al Gore, co-author of a film on climate change, and by Mr Miliband." And where, exactly, did that come from? Is Al 'flying in' too? What is this? The Axis of mutual backslappers?

Times - Britain puts climate change on UN agenda - Way-hay! It's on an agenda!