Saturday, January 13, 2007

Time to dig up Voltaire... again

There more than a few words I see or hear that now seem to set off various twitches. One near the top is 'activist'. I am not too sure what it means, but it seems to describe someone who cares a lot about an issue (fair enough), wants to do something about it (also fair), tends to try and do something (laudable, depending) and... seems to think that they have a god-given right to impose their views on other folk as the only course of truth, justice and the 'ist' way. The latter can lead to me getting twitchy.

The BNP is, as far as I am aware, a legitimate (at least in legal terms) political party. So, if you share their views, you can vote for it, vote against it and/or join it.

Like so much in politics, I am uncomfortable with broad brush-strokes, but on balance they don't seem like my kind of people, so I won't be voting for them. But, and here's the M. Voltaire bit, I will defend with my life your right to do so if that's your fancy.

Hence this - Activists taunt the BNP ballerina - did not go down well at all with me (as reported), and if anything left me less impressed with the cause of the 'activists' than the one they are so set against.

As to talks of bans and the like, I'd say you can make a personal stand in support of your views, but when the pols and grants bodies get involved on 'our' behalves, that is a can of worms no one should be considering. 'Nazi' is a term that can apply - if usually inaccurately, but often successfully by the cynical and opportunistic - in many directions.

A bit like much in the environmental world. See, it did have a point for these pages.

Bias Because Can?

OK, needs work. You do better.

I found this article - If the BBC is so good, we will give it money, and the facts within it, interesting, especially in light of my dealing with some aspects of the empire.

More Mea Culpas

I hope I am being consistent in my reporting, and try to pass on news upon which I comment with a suitable amount of 'as read'.

I'm sure some references will follow to add to this later, but again as I watch the BBC I have to qualify something I blogged on earlier.

It would appear that a small glimmer of agreement between me and Mr. Leary of RyanAir may have been premature. I thought he was making worthy stand against retroactive taxation on behalf of his customers. Er... it seems not.

In fact, with the farce that is the imposition of this tax, he's gone from being what I thought was one of the good guys to a true black hat, customer service wise. He's going to turn folk away at the desk.

No one is coming out of this well.

Not even the financial community. It seems that the travel and hospitality industries are legally allowed to sneak back into even your credit card accounts without asking to make up such tariff differences. This of course could push you into further handling costs and OD charges through no fault of your own.

Nil points.

Shock - Politician Answers Question(ish)

A short while ago I blogged on a story that the Government was 'planning' to raise council bands for DIY improvements, including environmentally beneficial ones. I wasn't keen.

This morning I am watching TV and a Minister - Phil Willis - has been asked a straight question as to the accuracy of this, and he said 'NO'. Clear enough, and I'm happy to pass it on.

There was, of course, an odd exchange with a suprisingly persistent Breakfast bouffant, where the way was left open to a 'review', which 'we' will all welcome. Hmmmn.