Friday, January 30, 2009


I have done it mentally for so long, but more are springing up daily here's a growing list of where to find stuff out online, and often get to comment upon. When I get time I'll also 'review'.



iplayer - in theory (!) you can access archive stuff via this. There might be a 7 day window limit on some/most/all

Andrew Marr Show - Has a reply/blog
BBC Green -
cbeebies/ecobeebies -
Green Room - Has a HYS
The Editor's Blog
Newsnight -
Ethical Man - now over. I wonder how much he has stayed with his ethics and how much was just for the duration?

Guardian/Observer (PT)
Ask Leo - Like Prof's Posers, only with answers ready supplied
Climate Change
Climate Change
Environment Weekly - no clue what it is, who is doing or why. Or watching. But here it is. -
Ethical Living
Tread Lightly
What Can I Do?

Independent & Sunday (PT)
Ethics Girl
Green Living (inc Green Goddess)
The Environment Channel

Observer (PT)
The Green Gauge
Magazine - has a thing called Ethical that can lead to a Dilemma

Reuters - Environment

Eden - NEW -

Telegraph (PT)
Earth - leads to more, which I'll look at soon

The Economist

The Times (PT)
Battle of Ideas
Eco-worrier Blog
Green Central - With Blog

Yahoo -

I've just realised that by trying to compartmentalise I have in fact scattered similar resources across a few category headings. I'll try and bring most under here, including news in the future and others already posted when I get a moment.

One thing seems silly and that's my country separation. This is the net and all things are global. But where necessary I'll break out a place of origin.

Wikipedia - just remember it is not always served by well by those dedicated to objectivity, especially in areas of contention.

Green-err (as in erring on green) Media

ivillage/igo green - US based - online

Not a definitive list, so feel free to suggest and I'll add them here.

Put a lid on it. Or... not?

Credit where due...

What should we do about plastic milk bottle tops?

A good post from a useful site on a worthy topic, and the journey to get there. I have replied as there may be a decent dialogue to follow on some issues raised.

Ah, conflicting 'advice' from the authorities. Where we would be without various box-tickers contradicting each other, he asks, rhetorically.

John's final para is bang on, though I fear a vain hope.

I have long since given up trying to get my head around the logic of the stated instructions. The request to collapse surely makes sense to improve the weight:volume ratio lugged by a dirty great truck, but squashing these devils is easier said than done. And having done so, as a matter of physics, without screwing the cap back on I rather suspect they may spring back out.

Thank you for the link to GHS. I have some concerns about logistics, enviROI+ wise, but it's great that there are folk thinking around this. The solution is perhaps in that 500kgs payment threshold.

Now, what if local communities could be coordinated (as you suggest, but on a bigger scale) to drop-off sufficient quantities of any recylate material or reusable item such that it was worth the while of a business to come and get it... and pay. It's possible paying individuals may be a problem, but injecting benefits into the community is still a powerful motivator... and reward.

I have given up on government and LAs, and businesses can be a a tad short-term bottom line (especially at the moment), but am working on it using the postcode location facilities of such as my site,

Thanks also for the associated ideas on reuses. Readers may wish to share any they have on too.

Interestingly, I am still in the thick of promoting my RE:tie re:evolution second use design of the little tamper-evident strap that links the cap to the neck piece (which can be retained on bottle with some closure designs, though not milks) of usually higher end organic milks.

In today's climate, it still amazes me that many high-ups in departments theoretically devoted to reducing unnecessary waste still cannot get their heads round how people might very easily be directed to keep things, reuse things or at least donate in a useful, segregated manner... if well directed, helped and encouraged or, better yet... rewarded.

The time has yet to come. But it will.

Big issue. Small minds?

Now is the time to think big about man-made climate change

I found this tucked away in the Telegraph today.

That's significant.

Because while I have done, and do most of what I do because of concerns about the possibility of 'our' impact on climate change, albeit in what I consider the more tackleable if possibly minor area (energy consumption and emissions dwarfing all else) of reducing waste, I have noted rather piecemeal, and often contradictory levels of approach and attention paid by 'The Establishment' (Government and media) to date.

If we are about to be toast, the messages we get, and when we get them, and the examples set, don't really... at least to me as one of Joe Public... quite convey the magnitude or urgency that often gets claimed when the topic is 'hot'.

So I have sympathy with Mr. Clover's basic premise. At least the headline and intro.

Not quite so sure on some of the solutions he is advocating.

In fact it is a pity that he gets diverted quickly to these details, when the big one he has raised remains unanswered. Frankly, like too many, and especially those in power, it comes across more as if he is too busy just playing in a lucrative field that he is in, rather than looking more ahead at the main goals.

I think I'll call it, for want of a better word, 'Envirodabbling'. Not sure it's that helpful when pondering the bigger picture.