Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Getting reuse taped

There's opportunity at every turn:

End of the reel for cassettes?

If anyone has any tips or suggestions for re:use or re:cycling these little dudes, and their bigger VHS cousins, I'd be grateful.

We are getting asked a lot, and I suspect this news will result in more.


The Summit of All Ears... and what action?

I've mentioned this before, and will doubtless mention it again... until I move from being a struggling and in need of help and connections business, to being nice and comfy and no longer in need of much except a cushy lifestyle surrounded by my fellow green elite.

For I have just had yet another 'invitation' - with major price tag attached - to attend yet another summit discussing things green and how to profit from them, this time from Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Guardian: The Guardian Climate Change Summit 2007

It is 'a must-attend event for all directors and managers wanting to be at the forefront of solving the carbon challenge'. Well, unless you are not quite up for the £1k price tag for the day, once fee, travel and accommodation are totalled up.

I would like to go, as it could be of use to me and, who knows, I could have something to offer. Just look who is going to be there:

Peter Ainsworth MP, shadow secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs
Keith Allott, head of climate change, WWF
Kathryn Barker, head of environment, BAA
Paul Dawson, director, Barclays Capital
Richard Gillies, director of store development, design and procurement, Marks & Spencer
Adrian Hewitt, energy and sustainability manager, Merton Borough Council
Senior executive, HSBC
Chris Huhne MP, shadow environment, food and rural affairs secretary
Andrew Jones, senior manager, energy and environment, Boots
Tony Juniper, executive director, Friends of the Earth
Sir David King, chief scientific advisor to HM Government and head of the Office of Science and Innovation
Simon Lewis, group corporate affairs director, Vodafone
Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London
Caroline Lucas, Green Member of the European Parliament
Paul Monaghan, head of ethics and sustainability, Co-operative Group
David North, community and government affairs director, Tesco
Ian Pearson MP, minister of state for climate change and environment
Jonathon Porritt, founder director, Forum for the Future
James Smith, chairman, Shell UK ltd
Ben Stimson, director corporate responsibility, BskyB
Karl Whiteman, Managing Director, Berkeley Homes (Central London)

Confirmed facilitators (for sector specific breakout sessions):

Simon Mills head of sustainable development unit, City of London
Bill Clark, sustainability policy manager, Southampton City Council
Nick Coad, head of group environmental strategy, National Express Group
Jo Confino, executive editor, the Guardian
James Stacey, head of sustainable business, Standard Chartered

But then again, what chance would I have of actually meeting them? They will be in the VIP enclosure or up there speaking. I would just be a face in the crowd and maybe get to chat to a few guys around me who may ask about my Vac:Sac, which is my mobile billboard.

Frankly, unless you are speaking, it hardly seems worth the money or effort.

However, I may have a rummage round the sponsors list to see who I can try and blag an invite from.

You never know, they could feel having someone from less rarefied places may bring them closer to earth, where the rest of us live.