Monday, March 26, 2007

One's gob is smacked

I know a headline like 'Major global blue-chip will say anything to flog tat' is not exactly news, but this left me... almost... speechless:

New Zealand schoolgirls find there's no C in Ribena

Just how low will they stoop?

And heaven forfend one affects the legal process at any stage.

Mail - The schoolgirls who cost Ribena £80k for its vitamin fib

No news is...

Is there no end to my ignorance?

You don't need to understand the news. You are not meant to. It is merely one of a few ways to fill space and generate ratings, especially if you work for the BBC, as that is how you can get measured accurately enough to bail for the even bigger money.

I have a complaint in process at present for them taking a solicited comment, deleting the beginning and ending and re-presenting the middle chunk to say the total opposite of what I meant, to suit their agenda.

They will of course have a 'thorough review' and in two weeks I'll be told they care a lot so now be a good boy and buzz off.

This time, I think I may not be so inclined to do so.

From a Horse's Mouth. About policies from 'tother end

I would have pitched in. Not really worth it. It would be tilling already very overworked soil.

A Stalinist solution

Now let's see what she and her paper DO about it

Because I doubt we'll ever get a mention.

Dear Ms. Stephenson,

I could not agree more with what you wrote on Thursday about yet another climate change conference. At least it was in London. I just heard on the politics show yesterday some Lib Dem luvvie justifying a jolly to Brazil because she had her people ask some people to pay some people to whack a fir in the firmament. Or so she thought they had... maybe.

There is a vast industry involved in saving this earth. And it is growing daily. Trouble is, the majority are engaged in the age old profession of being 'all marf and no trarzers'. This green elite, sadly many located with the London C-entric zone, and spanning politicians, activists and some media, have spun a very nice little earner out of spinning.... in one place.

What a waste of space they all are. And yes, the same people pontificate to the same people again and again. And as part of what I do, I am cursed to read it all... again and again. I feel I should, in case there may be a nugget of gold in all the slurry that can be turned into a shiny piece of inspiration.

The eco-blosphere is alive with debate, but sadly its the big-oil denier vs. eco-fascist kind, so even those from the day-to-day world who may try and dip in get very burned in the flames and retire immediately.

There are those trying to make a difference, and do with style, grace and humour which, I am hoping, will win out over agenda, target, personal interest and greed. To be cliched myself, I think it is the British way, and what folk will engage with. Fines, nannying, guilt-trips and scaremongering are so.... last resort of the feeble self-appointed opportunitsa.

No sense

I just have one question to this:

Consumers in the dark over 'greenest' gadgets

In the name of all that is green and profitable to promote, why are they not making it the easiest thing in the world to make the best eco-decisions?

A new source of free, but doubtless still taxable, energy

Ministers suspend solar panel grants

As it is obvious they think the sun will shine from there no matter what they do, I'd suggest photovoltaics in every Ministerial chair seat.

I love to say I 'told you so', so...

... well, D'uh: Biofuel demand makes food expensive

In the spirit of shared citizen journalism, another forward from Dave of Solarventi, with whom I must move in and between us we may just manage 'A' life.

I suspect I read more e-news than even him, and what worries me is how I see those in politics and business squaring up behind this industry, and I don't think green is the colour they are looking for on the bottom line.

To try and spin it more positively, an Taiwanese guy once eat a Volkswagen. But he may have needed the iron.... glass, rubber...

H2 Oh... yeah!

I am again grateful to Dave of Solarventi for this encouraging notion on Hydrogen.

This is a fuel I have some significant faith in, IF it can be produced to a reasonable enviROI.

There is also the small matter of reduction. As water, in the form of vapour, is still a greenhouse gas, I don't want to find we substitute one man-made exhaust pollutant for another, no matter how seemingly benign it may be.

Walking the walk so others can talk

Today is a very interesting day to be reading this:

Parents who park near schools may be fined

Every school day, rain or shine (barring monsoons), I walk the boys to school. I do it because we are relatively near, it gives us a chance to chat... and I enjoy the exercise. Where possible, and time permitting, I also meet them at the end of the school day to stroll back.

But today, despite clement weather, we are going by car.

Why? Because they are going on trip, and I am afraid I don't see how to get them, much earlier, to school to meet the coach along with a suitcase and ruscksack apiece.

It's not practical. Just as it is not practical for some others to do it daily. And the BBC blonde and bouffant (and reporter - I just heard him tell us what his cabby said en route to the story!) seemed to feel it would not be for them. While it is for our kids. As to safety, kids are to be 'trained'. And doubtless there is a nice little extra group who can be hired to act as councilors to those who have suffered a loss those another group has be tasked to 'encourage':

Parents could face fines...

Powers come into force...

...all councils will have to collect information...

...every authority will have to develop school "travel plans" to meet tough targets...

The theory is sound. Typically the practices is being managed cack-handedly with breath-taking hypocrisy and a stunning simplistic dismissal of the dangers posed by kids being forced onto busy roads. As I wrote to the BBC just now:

Interesting that the presenters today on kids' cycling did not feel the piece they carried applied to them in any way.

I just loved the reporter mentioning his cabbie's views en route to the story. Irony anyone?

I know it's probably 'just not practical', but if we are to trot out official propaganda (in some papers backed, it seems, by fines!) it should be shown for the latest half-considered nonsense it is.

How can something be deemed OK to apply for kids daily but not media workers? More media churn with no analysis or real critique.

BBC - Cycling tests return to schools

'Children are taught the kind of observation, road positioning and defensive driving tactics that new motorists learn.' - Without the ton of metal to protect them if it all goes pear shaped.