Thursday, February 05, 2009

CATEGORY - Noise Pollution

Noise Mapping England website -

Don't know if there's one for North of the border or over the water. Maybe they are not noisy?


The name is reason enough to share.

More Shanzhai madness!

Now the piece itself is not exactly complimentary, but in principle I am on board with (some of)the positive aspects inherent in making stuff out of other stuff.

Also a good opportunity for a punt, not that many others seem to have picked up on it.

Firefox Surprises

I just upgraded my Firefox browser (Mac only) and a lot of new stuff has popped up.

Oddly (or not, I think they are all Google-linked) this seems to have 'affected' my blog too; I hope in a good way.

A bunch more functionality has appeared.

Now I am all for toys, but having been put off Facebook by all the walls and pokes and what have you I must proceed with caution here.

As building a community is obviously something I am keen to encourage, there is one that strikes a chord immediately, though the name sucks.

It's called 'Followers'. I know this is literally correct, and pretty much says what is on the tin, but I am not sure I like the connotations. Maybe it is just me. Not sure what I would post, but it seems just 'off-putting' in those terms. I guess all who have an interest in my blog and click on a thing to be informed are 'following' it, but for this journey I simply seek to share with 'Fellow Travellers'.

I wonder if Mozilla will be open to the suggestion?

I also need to check out what the other consequences are of adding this, but it may be a worthy option.

Addendum - Let's try. I can 'rename' the title, but it still has those sharing my journey as 'followers' and I can't seem to delete it. Plus there is an option to be 'secret' follower so that allows folk to track without being seen.


Definition is here

As 'it's not always as clear as you might think', time to start logging instances to demonstrate this.... starting now:



Fox News - NEW - The Futility of Hybrid Cars - Now this comes from a certain angle (doesn't everything?), but as this is about enviROI there are legitimate questions if not conclusions.


packaging news - CPI hits back at Linpac Allibert carbon footprint