Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lord Lever had a point

There seem to be a few guys credited with this one, but I'll give it to his lordship for now. Basically this captain of industry said of his empire’s advertising: 'Half of the spend is wasted. Trouble is I don't which half'.

So I'll make a quick plug for here and suggest that 100% of any spend on promoting neat 2nd Use ideas for your products is pretty much certain to get exposed to the absolutely the right folk you are trying to reach with your 're-message'.

However, it won’t if I don't get cracking on making the site as useful as it can be to attract these fine folks. And I am concerned about my own percentages. Of time that is... ticking seconds lost forever.

I seem to be repeating the mistakes I made with my ad agency. The more established we got, the more time I was in meetings and the less time I spent creating. And as what I created pretty much was what we flogged, that was a problem.

I have just realised that I have barely whizzed around the site lately, and have certainly not measured a pack, taken its picture and uploaded same, much less had an idea to go with it. Plus I'm looking at about 200 separate emailed newsletters, just because was away on Monday. I really have to figure out RSS feeds asap!

So, if you call and Emma says I'm in the shed, please don't take offence. I have a planet to save... as soon as I've done the same for my business.