Monday, October 26, 2009

A load of cobblers?

Hey, this is billed as a rubbish site... what do you expect? Shakespeare?

A toe-curling maintenance/repair post from Make it and Mend it worth sharing:

Greener shoes – mending footwear

IRONY ALERT - Warning... nothing to do with 'green'

One man's exclusive interview is another's ratings score

Col. Gaddafi, eh?

Imagine if they had invited him on Question Time.

Red carpet, I'd guess.

Not like he did, or advocated anything 'serious'.

Funny old world.

At least he was elec... er...

What gets cut down...

...usually takes a while to grow back up.

Rainforest treaty 'fatally flawed'

Which rather goes to my concern at the competence and commitment of those in power currently shouting the odds on 'climate change' (esp. various methods of influencing the possibly man-worsened aspect) and how to 'solve' 'it'.

By coincidence...

SKY - - along with Cool Earth (noting a slight proliferation in diverse efforts) worth considering, especially at 50p in the £.