Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wonder if Al has an iPod?

OK, cheap (ish) shot. But in a way it's symptomatic of what 'we' are facing: Gadget boom to drive up energy demand

From Live Earth to events like the one I just attended (review still coming), I am getting more and more convinced that the wrong things are being fussed over by the wrong people for the wrong reasons... possibly to the great glee of those with vested interests in just such things happening (cripes, I'm sounding almost as Conspiracy Theorist as Dave!).

We have all this effort on the consumer end of packaging disposal when so much more can, and should be done at the point it is created. We have vast campaigns on switching off when the things are still being made... and with no easy way to operate as others would require. Flights are to be taxed, yet airports created. Quango after quango created and funded to spend bazillions telling us to do things we either don't 'get', can't do or don't believe, yet meanwhile some truly effective big hits are left ignored.

Not. Joined. Up.

Sometimes you ask the right questions .....

.... but you get the wrong answers ..... sometimes you may get the right answers, but by asking the wrong questions. Sometimes you think you are right, and you are not.

I hate being wrong, I always have; but I hate things that hide the truth, or what potentially may be the truth, whether deliberately, or by silence, even more. So when you come across something that casts an entirely different light on a subject that you've being banging on about, you just have to swallow your pride and share it - whether it is actually right, or wrong, or neither.

Confused? .............. Then allow me to elucidate.

A little while back I posted a few items either on, or that mentioned, the potential geo-political outcomes of global warming - famine, mass migration, wars etc. and about how even the UN was assessing current conflicts such as that in Sudan as being a direct consequence of global warming that has occured already.
See 18th June - Arms dealing - the career of the future?
and 21st June - Today's forecast - heavy wars.

So it was with great interest that I came across this piece on Sudan's oil production activities.

Some very interesting facts appear in this:-

"Sudan only started producing and exporting oil in July 1999, with the completion of an export pipeline that runs from central Sudan to the Red Sea port of Bashair."

"Sudan is now the third largest crude oil producer in Africa." (I knew it had some minor oilfields - but third behind only Nigeria and Angola - in less than a decade!!)

"The Sudanese Energy Ministry estimates total oil reserves at five billion barrels." (Nice little asset to sit on.)

"Sudanese sources estimate that Darfur and Kordofan may be the areas richest in oil in the entire country."

So where is this going? Well, take another look at THAT region name in the last statement again, and then take a look at concession block 6 on the map in the attached link. Block 6 is reckoned to be the most promising as far as future production is concerned (i.e. read - the biggest oilfields).

Block 6 just happens to sit right across a big chunk of the Darfur region.

So the prolonged drought has forced conflict between the farmers and nomadic groups and there is insufficient water to go around?

Excuse me for being ironic - but now I'm beginning to think all is not at is seems, and not as we have been led to believe. Methinks I smell the very strong stench of PetroDollars in the air. And do I detect, perhaps, just a whiff of PetroDollar funded ethnic cleansing in Darfur? Perhaps I'm adding 2 + 2 and making 5, but it has certainly made me think again.

What do our readers think?

And I'm not even going to mention the fact that both the Chinese and the West, including the US (despite current sanctions), have major oil exploration and exploitation activities going on in Sudan, to muddy the mix even more.

Oh, I just did. Sorry.

And sorry for being wrong - well, maybe wrong.


Is there anybody out there who subscribes to The Irish Times who might let us know what the main thrust of this article (5/7/2007) is?
UN hides behind climate change to mask Darfur inaction.

Big Plastic. Big Oil. Big Recycle?

This, going around and coming around from the ever useful Red Ferret: Hawk 10 turns plastic back into oil - seagulls rejoice

What's not to like? Well, here's hoping they don't use the oil so gained to stick in the nearest Prius' fuel hole.

Assuming it's the ultimate in recycling, and unless I have missed a trick, there's the ocean of plastic my local council won't... yet... take, too.

Mind you, as a lot of my site is about turning them into other, equally useful things, do keep back a few. You never know when they may come in handy!

RE:visitation rites

Here I am pondering how posts to old blog topics get archived and notified, and someone has helpfully added to the archive.

I think it best I repost to give it the best chance of being shared properly.

The post in question was Nothing like a good conference , and I am happy to share it again here.

Indeed, having read the link (sadly, finding the time for a 50 minute show is beyond me at the moment, much though it looks well worth the time over lunch or an evening surf) I am even happier, as it also introduces the PSFK site too.

As blogger replies can't, or at least complicates posting HTML links, let me repost the URL here.

As an ex(ish) ad-man, it is interesting to see the next generation struggling to get to grips with the dilemma of promoting rampant capitalism and one's personal duty as a green-aware individual to practice and preach the 'RE's'.

Free infinite energy again!

Well, let's wait and see.

Steorn have been banging on about this magical free energy device for almost two years now, but only a few 'scientists' have been allowed to see and review it. It purports to generate free energy from the interaction of several magnets.

They say they are going to publicly show the device in London today (At The Kinetica Museum, Old Spitalfields - 18:00. Though the Kinetica site, rather confusingly, says it is closed until the 5th July) and are supposed to be showing it on the internet too!

Perhaps if this Orbo gizmo actually works, then maybe they have another contender for the future replacement of Big Oil's current CO2 producing products?


Having found zero news items about this on the morning of the 5/7/2007, I took another look and the public showing has been moved to today. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Addendum 2:

Now they are having problems with the demo unit, and the display at Kinetica will not open until 6/7/2007 for public viewing of the Orbo free energy technology.

Addendum 3:

Oh dear ...... things aren't going too well. The demonstration has now been cancelled indefinitely due to technical problems caused by excessive heat. See Steorn announcement.

With a track record like the one they are rapidly developing, no-one is going to believe anything they say at all soon!